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Seeking partners with expertise in high-tech textiles and novel polymers to develop ecological garments

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20181122002
Publication Date: 26 November 2018


The UK company is a textile design business operating in the high end fashion market and specialising in organic and recyclable fabrics for outerwear and clothing accessories. They are looking for partners with expertise in sustainable and novel high-tech textiles to help them develop innovative eco-friendly fashion products. A technical cooperation agreement is sought.


The UK designer is a new brand focussing on sustainability and innovation garments while working with high quality recycled fabrics to create a range of new eco-friendly fashion products.

Their next collection will be made of natural and recycled materials, a collection of cloaks made of natural plants. The outer shell is made cruelty-free using organic and natural fabrics which is made in a sustainable way and withstands cold/very warm temperatures. Each garment is made through artisanal processes, using suppliers from Italy and France.

The company's ethical vision revolves around using local sustainable raw materials and respecting the workers involved in the manufacturing process, thus making sure that every part of the supply chain is highly trained and valued. Their goal is to develop innovative products free from chemicals while being fully transparent to their customers.

They are currently looking to expand their audience and their product range to include accessories and outerwear made out of natural fabrics for the high-end market. To this end, they require partners who can bring their technical expertise in high-tech textiles in order to improve and add to the UK company's range of products.

The UK company will consider a technology cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

The UK company's innovative vision is focused on the local handcraft value and the ethical issues using polymers out of natural, organic or recycled fabrics, such as banana peel, pineapple peel, coffee waste, plastic (PET), hemp, nettle, organic cotton etc. In effect, any waste that can create polymers and then used into a yarn and fabric.

Ideally a mix of all these fabrics will be added onto the UK company's garments to create a high performance piece of design (coatings, insulation for outerwear included). Any chemicals should be eco-design, following a life cycle assessment.

Therefore the partner is expected to have the required technical expertise in novel polymers for garments and fashion accessories to be able to integrate these into the new type of eco-fashion offered by the UK company. The partner's knowledge of these materials will be implemented into the UK company's collection and the goal is to develop more skills to create innovative garments.

Requested partner

Ideally the UK company would like to work with textile experts, e.g. technology transfer units who have contacts in the textile industry, or laboratories specialising in novel textile. 

The partners will be willing to work with raw materials, bringing their technological know-how and expertise in analysing/testing these new materials and advising on their suitability for the new products that the UK company designs.

These partners may also have the relevant contacts (e.g. manufacturers) through their own network who can help with prototyping. Such connection would be valuable to the UK company

This combined technology know-how will enable the partners to develop together innovative projects which needs to be free of any chemicals colorants. So the ecological approach and experience is key here.

The type of partnership envisaged is a technical cooperation agreement.

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