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Mechanical and aesthetical design and materials expertise sought for innovative door lining jig.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20180103001
Publication Date: 3 January 2018


A UK Midlands based SME has developed an innovative door lining jig for the building and construction industry. The jig reduces the time required to install a timber door and its lining by at least 50% whilst also achieving good levels of accuracy for skilled and non skilled installers. The SME is now seeking technical cooperation from experts in mechanical product development and design industry to help improve the aesthetics, durability and refine the mechanical rack and pinion movement.


Having got to proof of concept the UK SME needs support to review the mechanisms before building more refined prototypes so that they can put trial products into the market.

The foldable jig opens to create a 4 sided frame that provides a solid framework around which the door lining is constructed.
Using the jig considerably reduces the time taken to achieve an accurate door lining within which the door will eventually be hung.

When door linings are not straight they have to be offered up and removed for planing numerous times until the door fits. Levels of manual handling and harmful dust generation can be high. Fire proof doors in particular are challenging to work with owing to their weight and the precision of fitting required.

The jig would be made up of lengths of aluminium, probably extruded aluminium which provides a good solution and component cost.

The jig is designed to open, extend and fold away for convenient transportation for the tradesman but be stable in use. The design incorporates a rack and pinion to slide the frame to the required width to accommodate different door sizes. Some refinement of the product is also needed which should be done in conjunction with consideration for manufacturing methods and materials.

The idea for the jig comes from a skilled carpenter who is an experienced businessman and having trained a number of apprentices and operated sites where large numbers of doors have to be installed.

Scope for use of this product is expected to be in construction for the residential, commercial and public sectors.

The SME is now seeking technical cooperation for helping improve the design and aesthetics of the jig, but to also improve the durability by testing other materials. Finally a mechanical design and development partner is needed to refine the rack and pinion movement.

Expertise sought

The SME is seeking experts who can help with:

Aesthetic refinement of the design to achieve a tradesman friendly and acceptable finish.

Refinement of the rack and pinion mechanical movement

Materials selection for low weight and durability but also be cost effective for manufacturing.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Stage Of Development Comment

The SME has produced 2-3 iterations of the product proving that the concept works.

Refinement of the mechanical aspects – opening, closing and extending of the jig and the maintenance of the framework’s stability in service need further work.

Requested partner

Refinement of the mechanical aspects – opening, closing and extending of the jig and the maintenance of the framework’s stability in service need further work. An industrial partner is therefore sought with experience in manufacturing and designing products with a mechanical functionality. A review of the design to take it to the next phase of development and through to trial products with a longer term view to manufacturing.

A design partner to improve the look and feel of the foldable jig from an aesthetic point of view.

The metals and materials used to make the concept jig also need to be reviewed, and optimised to suit lower cost manufacturing but also long term durability.

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