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Leading UK provider of research chemistry services and research compounds seeks novel methodology and compounds

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20160913001
Publication Date: 13 September 2016


A leading UK provider of chemistry services and products to the global life science industry seeks partners from universities, research institutes and SMEs with novel methodology and novel compounds for license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The UK South West based specialist chemistry services company has over 30 years experience in providing high quality intermediates, screening compounds, fragments, catalysts and ligands to international clients from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petrochemical and materials industries and academic research institutions.
The UK company has expertise and has worked with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the following areas:
• Synthetic Organic Chemistry (SOC) including multi step custom synthesis, high pressure reactions, microwave synthesis, parallel synthesis, process development and scale up
• Medicinal chemistry – supply of novel intermediaries and fragments and support to in house R & D projects including lead generation, hit to lead development, lead optimisation, through client led, single molecule or library synthesis.
• Library design – production of novel proprietary fragment collections
• High end analytical services including compound identification and structure elucidation, purification, purity screening
• Process and scale-up to support a smooth transition from discovery into pre-clinical development, and subsequent GMP manufacture.
The company has a database of over 96,000 research intermediates, fragment libraries, biochemicals and screening compounds and is able to supply the global scientific community with most products via immediate dispatch.
The company currently has licence agreements with a number of UK and European academia and industry partners with novel methodology and novel compounds. The UK company seeks UK and international partners from universities , research groups and SMEs who may have novel methodology and novel compounds for license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Expertise sought

The UK company is seeking collaborators from academia or industry to provide them with new, innovative chemistries for the pharma, agrochemicals and materials science sectors, these could come under the headings of the following: novel intermediates, novel scaffolds, improved methodology to high value compounds and biological tool compounds.

It is envisaged that collaboration in the above areas would be through a license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Requested partner

Partners will be universities, research institutions, academic groups and SMEs specialising in chemistry services that have identified novel methodology and compounds and seek to exploit their intellectual assets through license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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