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Looking for development of hormonal drugs-expertise within the framewok of a technical cooperation agreement

Country of Origin: Tunisia
Reference Number: TRTN20180829001
Publication Date: 4 January 2019


Tunisian SMEs would like to develop hormonal drugs that are innovative nationwide, is looking for expertise in the development, production and marketing of this new product. The company is a pharmaceutical industry specialized in the development, production and marketing of dry and liquid forms (drugs and dietary supplements). The company is seeking technical cooperation to carry out its new project.


This Tunisian SME has a great experience in the development and market entry of new medical products. In the past, this company has worked with investors in business development and evaluation of market opportunities for new products.

The company wants to develop a new category of drugs "hormonal drugs" and seek exceptional expertise in this field.

In medicine, hormone therapy is a drug treatment based on different hormones including growth hormones and sex hormones, thyroid hormones and many other endogenous molecules. This treatment is intended in principle to replace the secretion of a hormone, the terms hormone replacement or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are sometimes used to designate it.

The company is now looking for a partner for technical cooperation. This partner must have the technical knowledge of hormonal drug development.

Expertise sought

Specialized knowledge of the development of hormonal drugs and technical knowledge of the manufacturing processes and quality control of finished products is required.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner sought by this Tunisian company is a specialized healthcare company active in the pharmaceutical field. This partner must have technical knowledge on the development of hormonal drugs. Cooperation sought in the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

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