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Leading companies seek ICT/materials innovation providers to address e-commerce supply chain challenges

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TRSG20201013001
Publication Date: 23 October 2020


Key e-commerce supply chain players based in Singapore seeking co-innovation partnerships are inviting proposals from providers of relevant technologies to optimise productivity and improve the overall cost for e-commerce supply chain in a sustainable way.

The Singapore companies are interested in licensing, research collaboration or commercial agreements with technical assistance with startups and SMEs of all sizes.


EEN Singapore (Enterprise Singapore & IPI) are organising an e-commerce Supply Chain Challenge featuring industry partners to develop industry-led solutions through innovative partnerships between startups or SMEs and large organisations. Participants will work on real-life challenge statements and collaborate with e-commerce supply chain players to optimise operations and catalyse growth in a sustainable manner.

The challenge statements include areas in durable and eco-friendly e-commerce packaging, fast and accurate B2C cross border trade compliance and improved packaging designs to increase processing efficiency.

The challenge invites startups and SMEs of all sizes with innovative solutions/technologies that can possibly address any of these challenges to submit their proposals for this challenge.

Successful applicants whose proposals are selected will gain access to domain knowledge and opportunities to test-bed and co-innovate with Singapore's industry leaders to develop new products and services.

The companies are seeking the following types of partnerships with startups and SMEs of all sizes.

i) Research cooperation - Both parties will work together to co-develop the solution.

ii) License agreement - The companies will license the technology offered by the SME/startup to further develop into products or services for its customers.

iii) Commercial partnerships with technical assistance - The companies will establish a commercial agreement with the startup/SME with technical support rendered by the startup or SME.

In the above cases, the startup/SME could also be a test-bedding partner for the Singapore corporate.

Deadline of submission: 24 November 2020

The challenge website and details will be provided upon submission of an EOI. Submission of proposals will be done directly through the challenge site.

Expertise sought

Expertise, solutions and technological innovations are sought in the following areas:

- Durable and eco-friendly e-commerce packaging to reduce revenue leakage from damages and associated costs

- Enabling fast and accurate B2C e-commerce cross-border trade compliance

- Packaging designs to increase processing efficiency of e-commerce parcels and packets

Solutions should be at a technology readiness level of TRL5 and above.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The Singapore companies featured in challenge are keen on the following types of partnerships with startups and SMEs of all sizes:

Research cooperation - Both parties will embark on co-development of the solution.

License agreement - The companies will license the technology offered to embark on further development.

Commercial agreement with technical assistance - The startups/SME will render technical support to the Singapore companies in introducing the technology in the form of new products or services to the companies' customers.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests