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Open Innovation Call: Seeking collaborators and test-bedding partners for leading Singapore corporations

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TRSG20190606001
Publication Date: 6 June 2019


This is an open innovation call by a group of large corporations in Singapore that seeks technological solutions from SMEs or research institutions across six themes in opportunities for co-innovation/test-bedding with its portfolio companies via potential licensing or joint venture partnerships:

1) Artificial Intelligence
2) Automation & Robotics
3) Internet of Things
4) Safety & Security
5) Smart Mobility
6) Sustainability


This open call seeks innovative technological solutions that can address identified problem statements under the above six themes. 

Participating corporations include leading MNEs from Singapore's industries with problem statements that are elaborated under the section of "Expertise Sought" and are seeking solutions to address them.

The Singapore MNEs would be keen to collaborate with SMEs or research institutions in co-innovation or test-bedding partnerships through licensing or joint venture agreements.

Expertise sought

The following are innovation needs of leading Singapore MNEs where technological expertise or solutions are being sought:

Artificial Intelligence:
- Solutions to enhance delivery of transport services
- Solutions to track the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising
- Solutions to capture an analyse customer sentiments
- Solutions to digitise handwritten text
- Solutions for identifying and sorting of linens

Automation & Robotics:
- Solutions to assist in changing of bedsheets
- Solutions to enable control and synchronisation of multiple robots
- Agile, dexterous and mobile co-working automation solution for central kitchens
- Light-weight powered exoskeleton
- Automated methods for non-destructive inspection of welds
- Automated methods for non-destructive detection of corrosion and rust

Internet of Things:
- Solutions for innovative payment systems
- Wireless energy harvesting sensors and network
- Solutions to track retail transactions
- Robust and cost-effective wireless network, sensors and analytics solutions
- Solutions for stock taking and replenishment of inventories
- Technologies to enable drone localisation and orientation
- Solutions to enable occupancy detection

Safety & Security:
- Solutions to minimise, prevent and predict disruptions to transport operations
- Mobility solutions for the elderly and persons with disabilities
- Unmanned land-based security devices for surveillance and security
- Solutions for seafront surveillance
- Digital key solutions

Smart Mobility:
- Technologies to create a sensing envelope for pushback operations
- Wireless fast charging technology for electric vehicles
- Solutions for autonomous transporters

- Solutions to enable indoor odour control
- Energy efficient technologies suitable for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems
- Cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions in marine engineering
- Technologies to enable low energy desalination plants
- Anti-corrosion coating with high temperature and abrasion resistance
- Municipal and industrial waste treatment technologies
- Technologies to harness wind energy

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for the above solutions shall be 7 and above.

The specific problem statements and requirements are provided in the open innovation call site at .

Proposals are to be submitted directly onto the above open innovation call site. The deadline for proposals submissions is 30 June 2019, 2359hrs Singapore time.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Market-ready or near commercialisation technologies are preferred.

Requested partner

The Singapore MNEs are looking to establish innovative development collaborations with SMEs across different types of partnership frameworks, such as licensing and joint venture agreements.

The partner would offer its technological expertise or solutions through test-bedding or co-innovation opportunities.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests