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Romanian association looks for technology for potato starch production through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TRRO20180129001
Publication Date: 8 February 2018


Romanian association of administrative-territorial units, very active and experienced in supporting the development of rural communities, is looking for partners which can provide the latest technology line for potato starch production to be included within a local factory, based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Located in the North-Eastern part of Romania, the association was set-up in 2010, based on a public funded European project financed by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with the aim to provide to its rural communities the necessary resources which can enable the local partners to actively engage into the local development of their area, through community-led local development. 

The Local Action Group includes 16 administrative-territorial units which are covering a surface of 1.026 square kilometers with more than 60.000 inhabitants. Since its establishment to the present, the association supported several business or social/community projects, which were submitted by its members and include also, various entrepreneurs acting in different activity sectors: tourism, agro food etc.

The strategy for development of the association is very ambitious and includes, among other projects for the development of the local communities, the construction of an innovative factory for processing potato stark, since the potential of this area is significant for this type of activity.

They are looking for a partner that has a solution that is near to the market and therefore could be of interest also a partnership with a company via a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Expertise sought

Partners with latest technological solution already implemented, which should be able to support the starch producers in developing their operations from low profitability into high performers. It should have relevant experience in terms of providing the suitable technological solution in terms of ease of use, quality, cost, volumes/size etc. Technical details will be discussed between partners, in a later stage.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The ideal partner would be a company with the ambition to expand current technological solutions enabling starch producers to become profitable and able to provide complete solutions for obtaining proteins both for feed and human consumption.

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