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Romanian company from agriculture sector is looking for a new technology to extract fibers from hemp

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TRRO20161012001
Publication Date: 20 December 2016


Romanian company acting in agriculture field is looking to develop their activity by investing into a processing hemp factory. Because the actual technologies are water polluting they are interested in a new technology to extract fibers from hemp stems based on an enzymatic process. They are interested on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The Romanian company is located in the Eastern part of Romania, near the Prut river and is working more than 600 ha of land. They use to cultivate wheat, corn, sunflower seeds crops, but this year they have started with hemp. In the next 5 years the company and their associates intend to expand to around 2000 ha with hemp crop since the land and the weather condition are favorable and traditional for this technical plant.
The seeds are delivered to a processing company in order to extract oil and to produce powder for nutritional supplements.
The biomass is delivered to a factory which is processing the stems and deliver the extracted fibers for insulated panels in automotive industry or construction.
Because the processing plant of hemp biomass is located at more than 400 km from their farm, the company intends to have their own biomass processing plant.
The Romanian company is looking for a research center or an university which can sell such technology or for other companies which already are using such innovative technology.
Also they are interested to collaborate with companies that can produce equipment for processing the hemp biomass.

Expertise sought

The Romanian company is looking for an innovative technology to process the hemp and extracting the fibers, but without polluting the water. 
Since there is already on the market an enzymatic technology for melting the hemp stems, they are interested to purchase it or any other kind of support related to similar technologies.
They are also interested to have information/support from companies that are producing equipment for processing the hemp biomass.

Requested partner

The company is looking for a research institute or an university that  have a solution for a non polluting technology of processing of hemp biomass. 
They are also interested to collaborate with other companies which are working in the field of hemp processing.
The companies producing the equipment for hemp processing are also requested.

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