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Romanian company from the poultry farming sector is looking for a technology to recycle chicken manure

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TRRO20160707001
Publication Date: 7 July 2016


A Romanian company active in the poultry farming sector is looking for an innovative technology to transform the chicken manure into  secondary products for the company, based on a research/technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The Romanian company is located in North-Eastern part of Romania and owns a farm with 65.000 hens. The total capacity of the farm is 100.000 hens, but due to the huge quantity of chicken manure and lack of capacities to deposit it, they can not use the farm at the maximum capacity. 
The company is cultivating about 300 ha of agricultural land with corn and soy and has it's own poultry feed production facilities.
The endowment of the company is complete and includes the necessary equipment for processing farmland.
They are selling around 60.000 eggs per day and they are working especially with small shops. The hens are raised into battery cages so the chicken manure is free of other materials (saw dust or biomass).
Part of the chicken manure is used for their agricultural land, but it can not be used more then once at 3 years (on the same plot of land).
The company is located in an area with many chicken farms so there is the possibility to manufacture more than 6000 tons of produced chicken manure.They are interested to find an innovative technology that transforms chicken manure in a secondary product that can be easily sold.
The Romanian company is looking for research centers which developed such technologies or may be others farmers which had the same problems and they solved it.
Also they are interested to work with factories which are producing equipment for the manure manufacturing.

Expertise sought

The Romanian company is looking for an innovative technology to transform the chicken manure into a secondary product which can be easily sold. 
They have the possibility to burn it, to obtain heat for the production halls, but they need to have a superior product which can be delivered into the market.
Other idea is to separate the substances from chicken manure (for example to extract phosphorus which is very expensive).
On both situations, they are looking for specific technologies and interested stakeholders.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for a research institute that could have a solution to their problem. 
They are also interested to collaborate with other companies (chicken farmers) which had already developed an activity for manufacturing the chicken manure.

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