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A Dutch drinking water company is looking for solutions to get an easy insight in meter readings

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TRNL20200721001
Publication Date: 24 July 2020


The Dutch drinking water company is looking for innovative SMEs and start-ups from Europe that offer solutions to get meter readings from the water meter in an efficient way. The cooperation would be in the frame of a research or a technical cooperation agreement. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open platform.


The Dutch company is primarily looking for a solution to get water meter readings easily. On a secondary base, they are interested in receiving other information (about the water provided) like temperature, pressure or flow. The existing add-ons from their suppliers for water meters are relatively expensive and the provided data varies per supplier. The company is looking for a cheap solution that could easily be integrated.

The issues that should be addressed:
- Arround 3% of their customers (approximately 15.000 customers) do not share the meter readings with the Dutch company and their water use will be estimated. This means that the annual water bill is not completely correct. The customer could have used more or less water. Often, this must be corrected in a later stadium.
- Arround 4% of their customers does not communicate the correct meter readings. Re-work is needed to get the right meter readings.
- Arround 63% of their customers does not communicate the meter readings right away. Reminders and re-work is needed to get the (right) meter readings.
- A lot of effort and costs is put into the process of getting the meter readings (by mail, short message service (sms), letters or physical visits by their meter readers). Total cost are approximately a few hundred thousand euro per year.

The Dutch company is looking for solutions to get meter readings more efficiently and is open for different types of partnerships such as a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

IMPORTANT: This technology request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open internet platform on 31st August 2020. If an organization expresses interest before the closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform. After registration participants can browse free through other submissions and engage in discussions. All submissions will get feedback by the company on this open platform. The challenge closes on 2nd October 2020.

Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Beside open discussions on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand. After that, the firm will select the organizations with whom they would like to cooperate in the development of a solution. Once the challenge is closed, expressions of interest for this technology request will be treated in the traditional way.

Expertise sought

To find/develop innovative solutions the organization wants to get in contact with relevant parties who have the expertise, methods and technologies with the following relevant disciplines:
• Software development
• Tech & design
• (smart) mobility
• Big data analytics / data science
• Software integration skills
• Creative thinking

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Stage Of Development Comment

Other stages are also interesting for this Dutch company:
• already on the market;
• available for demonstration;
• field tested / evaluated;
• prototype available for demonstration.

Requested partner

Type of partner sought:
• SMEs;
• Start-ups.

Role of partner:
SMEs are invited to share their ideas and propose their solutions. After being selected, the SME will be proposed to participate in the development of a new reporting approach for this organization.

They can offer the partner:
• The opportunity to contribute to the improvement for the water bill and thereby lowering the costs for drinking water providing.
• Generate data helping the Dutch drinking water company to improve a more data-driven drinking water sector
• Possibilities to experiment with a pilot in a customer base of approximately 550.000 consumers.
• Possible access to the platform of ten drinking water companies in the Netherlands and 2 drinking water companies in Belgium.

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