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Dutch company is looking for a partner who has innovative technologies or technological knowledge for recycling, reuse and valorization of waste streams.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TRNL20181211001
Publication Date: 21 March 2019


The Dutch company has an innovation center that facilitates, implements and accelerates innovations in the field of waste and resources and is searching for innovative technologies for recycling, reuse and valorisation, outside its home market.

The cooperation type is depending on the type of techonology and the cooperation sought. The type of cooperation possible are commercial- , financial-, license-, services- and joint venture agreeement.


The Dutch company, founded in 1993, is searching for innovative processing technology focused on a number of specific waste or residual streams, in order to achieve more positive outcomes than the current processing technologies in use. 

This means that more value is derived from residual flows, both economically and ecologically. Currently in waste processing, a lot of value (useful raw materials) is lost. For example, a large part of the waste is currently incinerated (with energy recovery) or fermented. In many cases recycling takes place, but with an application that is lower than the initial function of the raw material. With advancing technology, it is increasingly possible to recover the hidden value from residual flows.

In order to realize its ambition to enable the circular economy, the company shifts its focus to processing technology abroad. It is looking for the following:
• Innovative technologies for recycling and re-use, which are already being used on a commercial scale or are in a phase of commercialization. The entrepreneurs are open to expanding abroad, for example to test whether their technology and business model also works in other countries.
• Entrepreneurs who have a proof-of-concept, to obtain more value from residual flows. The entrepreneurs need access to residual flows (which the Dutch company has available) and / or knowledge and guidance in the roll-out of their concept on the Dutch market.
The company's demand applies to innovative processing technology in general, but in particular to the following waste streams, where no good alternative is currently available in the Netherlands:
• Contaminated films and laminates (packaging composed of multiple materials / plastics); these are currently mainly incinerated with energy recovery.
• Small toxic waste; waste containing chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. The waste contains, for example, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium or organic solvents.
• Green waste; this is currently mainly composted, but there are emerging technologies to extract raw materials / nutrients. The company is particularly searching for solutions in the field of cut flowers.
• Organic residual flows and fruit and vegetables (AGF); currently this often finds its way to fermentation plants, but alternative technologies are also emerging which will extract nutrients from this and retrieve more value from this residual stream. This includes processing technologies for sludge streams from the food sector.

There are several types of partnerships that can be mutually agreed, depending on the type of technology and the cooperation sought:
- commercial agreement with technical assistence
- financial agreement
- joint venture agreement
- license agreement
- services agreement

Expertise sought

The SME is searching for promising innovative technology from proof-of-concept stage to the stage of commercialization. In the earlier stages of development, the Dutch company can assist entrepreneurs to expand its proof-of-concept, strengthen their business model and technology and enter the commercialization stage. For more advanced development stages, the company could open up the Dutch market, for example while licensing a company's technology.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Entrepreneur or company with innovative processing technology to enter the Dutch market. There are several types of partnerships that can be mutually agreed on, depending on the type of technology and the cooperation sought by the Partner. 

Naturally, the innovation/technology should have an added value over existing and available technologies present in The Netherlands.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests