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Looking for medical hydrogel (conductive and adhesive) expertise.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TRNL20180221001
Publication Date: 21 February 2018


A Dutch SME developing a novel Electroencephalography (EEG) based medical device is looking for outstanding expertise on medical hydrogel that is both highly conductive as well as adhesive. It is an important requirement that the hydrogel should be useable in places where the patient has hair (on the head). A specialised healthcare company active in hydrogel design and manufacturing with technical knowledge of hydrogels is sought, for technical cooperation.


This Dutch SME has a wide experience in both development and market entry of new medical products. In the past this company has worked with both research (Medical Universities) and investors in both business development and assessing market possibilities of new products.

The company is now developing a novel EEG (brain activity) based medical monitoring device and is looking for outstanding expertise on medical hydrogel design and manufacturing. A disposable "peel-stick" type of EEG Electrode patch design to measure brain activity on patients will be part of the monitoring device. This disposable "peel-stick" patch will include 3 pre-gelled electrodes, of which one of the electrodes is placed in a location where the patient can have hair (on the head). The patch needs to be disposable to ensure signal quality and prevent cross-contamination from patient to patient.

Cooperation is offered in the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

Specialized knowledge of conductive and adhesive hydrogels in relation to medical patches (to measure brain activity) is sought. Detailed knowledge on hydrogels design, testing/measurement techniques for validation, and hydrogel manufacturing is requested. The manufacturer needs to have ISO 13485 certification.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

A specialised healthcare company active in medical hydrogel design and manufacturing (with ISO 13485 certification) with technical knowledge on design of hydrogels is sought, for technical cooperation.

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