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Lithuanian governmental organization is seeking a solution on how to improve the environmental risk assessment of companies

Country of Origin: Lithuania
Reference Number: TRLT20210318001
Publication Date: 22 March 2021


Lithuanian governmental organization, who is working in the field of environmental protection, is looking for a innovative solution that could assess the level of environmental risk posed by companies. The assessment shall be based on the information that the organization collects. Possible cooperation types might be license or technical cooperation agreement.


Lithuanian governmental organization is working in the environment protection sector. They annually compiles and updates a list of controlled economic entities and this list contains about 29 thousand companies. During the year, the organization's officials perform about 5-6 thousand scheduled inspections, therefore a large proportion of companies who pose a risk to the environment remain uninspected.

Currently, the list of controlled entities and their inspection plan is compiled in Excel spreadsheets. On their basis, an annual inspection plan of companies is drawn up. In this way, efforts are made to select and inspect companies that pose the greatest threat to the environment, but due to the human factor and inefficient work tools, the selection of companies that will be inspected could be improved. This problem affects public authorities, companies and society as a whole, as those who pose a potentially greater threat are not inspected and damage to nature is not prevented.

The Organization is looking for start-ups or SME's who could propose a solution that could assess the level of environmental risk posed by companies.

Possible types of partnerships between selected start-ups or growth companies may be, for example, license agreement (buy a license) or technical cooperation agreement (need a technology to be developed). If the prototype created meets the needs of the Organization and is reasonably priced, the Organization will initiate the open procurement procedures for a solution. They would like the developed solution to be continuously improved, ensuring the proper functioning of the solution. The possibility of extending this tool to environmental tax control and other areas would also be considered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This technology request is part of an innovation challenge and is published on an open innovation platform. The innovation challenge is focused on encouraging the creation and use of innovative solutions for the government. The application deadline is April 3rd. If a company/startup/innovator expresses interest in cooperation with this Lithuanian organization before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform where it can submit a proposal.

Expertise sought

The proposed solution should automatically carry out an environmental risk assessment of companies, select the most dangerous entities and draw up an annual inspection plan. 
The solution must take into account the previous inspections carried out by the Department.
It should draw up a list of inspections according to the areas of activity (e.g. waste incinerators, sewage treatment plants, chemical companies, etc.).
The solution must automatically include newly created entities and exclude those that are no longer operational.
The solution will have to adapt to the legal requirements governing the direction, frequency of inspections, etc.

Requested partner

Lithuanian governmental organization is looking for start-ups and SMEs with ideas that fit the conditions of the desired solution outlined through this challenge.
The partner is expected to offer a possible solution to the organization.
The cooperation model may vary and might be, for example, license agreement or technical cooperation agreement. However, the exact form of cooperation shall be defined between the partners.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests