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Lithuanian SME working in construction sector is looking for polyurethane mixing and spraying machine

Country of Origin: Lithuania
Reference Number: TRLT20200610001
Publication Date: 10 June 2020


Lithuanian SME, working in construction sector, is developing a technology for manufacturing modular buildings blocks. The technology combines geo-polymer, plastic and polyurethane in the same technological process. The SME is looking to buy a polyurethane mixing/spraying machine which will be used in a 3D printer to spray polyurethane layer upon layer. Partner sought should be the manufacturer or distributor of spraying machines and the expected partnership is technical cooperation agreement.


The Lithuanian SME is active in the construction sector. Their main activities are creation and commercialization of high-quality environmentally-friendly building materials. Additionally, they develop smart engineering solutions for building modular houses. The main objective of the company is to create zero emission modular buildings. 

The company is in need for a polyurethane spray machine. The machine will be installed in a Large scale 3D printing Gantry system and will spray mixed polyurethane layer on layer. The machine must spray with low pressure and have adjustable ratio of both polyurethane components (Poly and ISO).

The company is looking for manufacturers or distributors of spraying machines. The cooperation type is expected to be technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

Main requirements for the polyurethane spraying machine:
*Adjustable component ratio;
*Low pressure spraying;
*Low weight of Spray module / extruder;
*Ability to spray components more than 20 meters.

Requested partner

A partner company is sought which specializes in manufacturing polyurethane mixing and spraying machines and have expertise in this sector.  
It is expected that the partner provides a final product satisfying the requirements and ready to use.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests