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Industrial bakery is seeking a manufacturing automatisation technology for folding cookie dough in a specific way

Country of Origin: Lithuania
Reference Number: TRLT20190621001
Publication Date: 2 July 2019


A Lithuanian bakery is looking for a manufacturing automatization technology to upgrade their manufacturing line. The upgraded mechanism should be capable of folding a piece of cookie dough with filling on top of it in a specific way, as the last step in the manufacturing line before baking it. Technical cooperation agreement is sought.


The bakery is located in Lithuania and is of industrial size. It manufactures products ranging from simple bread-loafs to sophisticated-recipe buns, rolls, pastries, cookies and cakes.
A particular recipe for cookies requires the manufacturer to spray the filling on a piece of cookie dough and fold it in a specific way. While all preceding steps are fully automated, the last one, in particular dough folding, is performed by well-trained, experienced dough folding experts. The bakery is willing to automate this last step in the manufacturing line, in order to eliminate the manufacturing bottle-neck arising from the manual procedure.
The piece of cookie dough before folding is square-shaped with side length of approximately 10cm. The filling goes on top. To shape the cookie it is required to fold up two opposite-side corners of the square. The corners go slightly further than the middle of the square and lay one over the other and above the filling.
Technical cooperation agreement is sought. The partner would be responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing of components, installation and testing of the new machinery.

Expertise sought

A technology, suitable for achieving full automatization is sought. The potential partner shall design and engineer the automatization technology. They shall also manufacture all components and subsequently assemble the equipment. Finally, the partner shall programme and test the machinery.

Requested partner

Partner must have experience in developing and installing technologies into production line.
The partner shall install machinery in the production line from inception to completion.

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