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A Korean company specialized in electronic control part of semiconductor/LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) equipment is looking for technology and manufacturing cooperation in producing pressure gauge and flowmeter

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20191105001
Publication Date: 5 November 2019


A Korean company develops and produces DRS (Development Recycling  Systems) which is used by big companies in Korea, Taiwan and China. 
In order to develop more advanced product, they are looking forward to cooperating with different technology partners. In this profile, they are specifically looking into technology cooperation and manufacturing cooperation in producing pressure gauge and flowmeter which will be installed in their DRS.


A Korean company started its main field of business in full length control in the field of manufacturing semiconductors and LCD equipment in 2005. With steady growth since establishment, the company has developed and produced high-purity Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS), and Chemical Recycle System (CRS), which is liquid chemical reproducing equipment. Particularly, for reproducing equipment, the company has been recognized by a leading domestic large conglomerate for their technology and has succeeded in receiving orders from overseas (China and Taiwan) to be recognized globally for its reliable capability.

Leveraging the EEN network, the company wishes to develop a new model of DRS(Development Recycling System) which is an equipment that is used to recycle waste fluid and turning it into pure fluid, by selectively separating photoresist which has photosensitive substance dissolved in waste fluid.
In the development process, the company needs several parts such as nano-filter, densitometer, pump, pressure and flowmeter. Conventional pressure gauge and flowmeter are analogue, and the company is hoping to develop digital ones.
Thus, they are specifically looking for partners with extensive experience and knowhow in making digital pressure gauge and flowmeter which will be installed in DRS.
Also, it is important to have several partners for smooth supply of parts

Type of cooperation sought is technology and manufacturing cooperation.
The company is hoping to improve conventional pressure gauge and flowmeter which will be specially customized to be used in DRS (Development Recycling Systems). Thus, partner should have adequate knowledge and experience in making digital measuring equipment. Cooperation can be done by developing a prototype together with the company and if the result of prototype is satisfactory, partner will be requested to manufacture customized product for the Korean company.

Expertise sought

Manufacturing technology for the digitalisation of pressure gauge and flowmeter

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: companies 
- Specific area of activity of the partner : pressure gauge and flowmeter
- Task to be performed: technology cooperation

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests