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A Korean company is looking for a manufacturer of smart device to collaborate in developing AI-based human (or system) behaviour/action anticipation system

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20190522001
Publication Date: 22 May 2019


A Korean company as a SaaS(Software as a Service) and solution provider in IoT device monitoring, remote access control, screen sharing, and video handling, is looking for a smart device manufacturer based in Switzerland or Israel to collaborate in developing AI based human(or system) behaviour anticipation technology and its implementation in smart device. The partner should be from either Switzerland or Israel only to apply for bilateral R&D project which has been agreed at national level.


AI platforms are increasingly turning all kinds of manufactured products into connected smart products. This trend is ubiquitous in various types and fields, including consumer electronics, educational tools, and self-driving bank, and it is shifting in a fast pace. The development of the technology has expanded to anticipating human behaviours and systematic stage actions, assisting users to consider further and make swifter preparations and actions accordingly. 

Established in 2000, the Korean company specializes in remote access & control, monitoring technology, AI & AR technology, and IoT monitoring platform. As a SaaS and solution provider with continuous R&D work, some key features of their technology R&D are their full capability of log accumulation and big data analysis and machine learning based human (or system) behavior anticipation. The technology can be practically applied in different needs, businesses, and types, including wearing devices and after & before services.

With remote access, control, and monitoring technology through continuous R&D, the company has rich experience in providing user-friendly platforms optimized for easy monitoring and management.

The company’s monitoring and management platform, with AI based behaviour/action anticipation technology applied and persistent operation available, aims to provide users appropriate pre-services.

The ‘smart’ device with this technology and service implemented can be commercialized in various fields and businesses, as medical environment to check patients’ status with no time and location limits; electronic home appliances to provide appropriate technical guides immediately without managerial personnel visits.

The company has over 5,000 corporate users, including major domestic corporations with high technology needs, while the number of domestic individual users exceeds 100,000. With several patents in smart IoT and SW technology, its nationwide service reliably provides 1 million sessions per month to support its users.

The company is looking for smart device manufacturer that is interested in forming R&D bid consortia with this Korean company to collaborate in development of smart devices with AI based human (or system) behaviour anticipation.
The R&D project is called bilateral R&D program planned and agreed at national level between Korea-Israel and Korea-Switzerland. Thus, only the companies from Israel and Switzerland are fit to join this program.

Expertise sought

- Design the device’s monitoring access & control and agent structure
- Analyze behavior pattern using the accumulated data of the device sensor
- Develop and implement the device’s monitoring control & server and agent
- Develop the management module
- Analyze the correlation between behavior patterns and emotions
- Analyze the behavior patterns with the accumulated data on camera video stream

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: Company, manufacturer

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Device manufacturers who have their needs to monitor devices, instruments, smart wearables in a real time and limitless locations

- Task to be performed:
Manufacturer of device is sought for upgrading the device.
For example, the manufacturer can upgrade the device for 5G network environment and diversifying or expanding the service location. The type and depth of upgrade are open for discussion.

Dissemination Countries

Switzerland, Israel

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests