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A Korean manufacturer of optical lenses is looking for German or Japanese technology partners for design and manufacturing of optical lens module for ultra-micro camera below 2.0mm which will be used in endoscope under manufacturing or research agreement

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20180502001
Publication Date: 3 May 2018


A Korean manufacturer of optical lenses is looking for German companies(Japanese companies are also welcomed) or labs that can provide design and manufacturing technology of super-micro lens module for endoscope camera.
The company has made prototype for the lens module and would like to develop the product further by cooperating with overseas partners.
Manufacturing agreement and research cooperation agreement are considered.


A Korean company which was established in 2002 is specialized in developing and manufacturing optical element and lenses. During the early years of its establishment, the company’s main products were camcorders, digital cameras and DVD pickup lenses and mobile lens assembly. 

The company’s business started to expand further as they developed high resolution optical lenses and entered smartphone optical parts(camera module for cellphone) business.
However, as the mobile camera lens module market becomes more and more competitive, the company has started developing diagnostic endoscope. Especially, the company would like to develop disposable ultra-small endoscope camera for arthroscopy (disposable arthroscope). At present, R&D team is developing camera module that is below 2mm in diameter by using camera sensor which is below 1mm.

Desired specification is FOV (field of view) 120~150 degree. They are trying to apply optical fiber using the available light source. They are also considering of replacing it with LED light. As for the lens material, there should be no change in the glass mold in high temperature test of above 135 degrees Celsius.

The available products in the market has limited FOV for image output which is within 70 degrees. While, the company’s prototype has FOV that is 120 degrees. Now, second design with FOV of maximum 150 degree is on the process of developing. FOV for light of the optical fiber’s first prototype is limited to 70 degrees. By considering the FOV of camera lens, image should be lighted up to 120 degrees with a consistent lighting.

The company is seeking a technology cooperation with German or Japanese optical companies, institutions or university labs in medical and healthcare field for developing optical lens module of endoscope, under manufacturing agreement, and research cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

1. Camera lens module for ultra-small disposable endoscope 
- The materials and components should satisfy standard for high temperature and high-pressured sterilization of medical device (high temperature and high-pressured sterilization of 135 degree Celsius within 30 minutes will be tested on the product for more than 10 times)

2. Technical specification
1) FOV 120~150 degree.
2) Diameter <1.2㎜ Optical lens
3) Reliability Temperature 150deg
4) F Number : 3.2~3.6
5) Lens Material : Glass Mold
6) Image Sensor Optical Format : 1/18” (halt VGA 400x400)

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought : Company, Institute, University Lab
- Specific area of activity of the partner : Optical, Medical, Healthcare,
- Task to be performed: Design & Manufacture of optical lens module for endoscope

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Japan

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests