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Transparent and resistant coating to protect digital printing on outdoor concrete paver requested

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20191120001
Publication Date: 20 November 2019


An Italian company working in construction material sector is looking for a transparent coating with high abrasion resistance to protect the digital printing on outdoor concrete paver. Companies from chemical industry sector are sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or for a technology cooperation for the development and adaptation of such a specific coating material and process.


With the use of digital printing on cement products it is possible to reproduce on the floor the natural texture of precious materials, logos and drawings personalized. This will allow the Italian company to enter the market with a new product, which allows for achieve aesthetic effects comparable to marble, natural stone, wooden decking, ceramics, etc., at a highly competitive price. The presence of protective coating allows stains to be easily removed without risking damage to the color and without the use of industrial chemical solvents.
The interlock paver is produced using vibro-compression technology. The digital printing is with UV inks printer. The coating can be deposited by spray or roller and the polymerization is UV based or in alternative at low temperatures to avoid the concrete damage. The Italian company is looking for both already available surface coatings and new material technologies to be adapted on this specific application through commercial or technology cooperation agreements.


Expertise sought

The process has the following steps: 
- White coating as a base (sprayed or rolled)
- UV digital printing
- First coating (sprayed or rolled)+UV lamp curing
- Second coating (sprayed or rolled)+UV lamp curing
- Possible heating in continuous oven
The product can be shipped after 24 hours without damaging the protective and the digital printing.

The products will be tested in the real field, parking area or sidewalk for several months.
And the products will also be tested according to the regulations:
- Determination of abrasion resistance
- Slip resistance (EN 1338 App. I)
- Determination of slipperiness, by dual condition (BCRA 6/81),
- Determination of freeze-thaw resistance (EN 1338 App. D),
- UV Resistance ( Aging test)
- Determination of ATTITUDE TO EFFLORESCENCE (UNI 9730-3: 1990)

Additional tests will be carried out on the coatings with the best results:
- Determination of chemical resistance to acids and alkalies (UNI EN ISO 10545-13),
- Determination of sensitivity to accidental stains (EN 16301)
- Salt spray resistance.

Requested partner

Chemical industries and SMEs that produce coatings using UV (Ultra Violet ) or thermal polimerisation, with experience in digital printing and applicatino on concrete materials are sought. If it is not possible to make samples, the partner must have the equipment in house to produce them. A commercial agreement with technical assistance will be singed in case of already available surface coatings while a technology cooperation project will be set up in case a new surface tecnology has to be tested and adapted.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests