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An Italian company is looking for high resolution photomasking techniques for imprinting customised chromed glass lenses

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20190312001
Publication Date: 12 March 2019


An Italian company offers advanced lighting solutions and services for architectural light projections and various events, by using dedicated projectors and special lenses, varying in size, materials and design. The company is  looking for a high resolution photomasking technique for finely imprinting customised lenses of chromed glass.
The company is interested in existing solutions, possibly to be further customised or developed jointly, under a commercial or technical agreement.


An Italian SME, founded in 2002, has reached a remarkable position in a niche market for architectural and event lighting.
The company is able to customise high quality and reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor decorative scenes for events, brand promotion, etc. by using a large catalogue of standard lenses (more than 1000 types, grouped by themes) as well as customised setting and lenses that are designed, created and verified starting from users' on-line requests with very short-term deliveries. The company is already operating in the Italian, French, German and US market.

Currently, the design and customisation of the lenses is done using a clean laser-etching process on dichroic filters, with quality materials and digital manufacturing techniques ensuring high brightness, fidelity and colour brilliance, no imperfections and unwanted reflections and with a low environmental impact.

In order to satisfy a growing demand for customised lenses, the company is looking for a very high resolution "printing" technique, i.e. photomasking at 5 micrometres, which should work on chromed glass plates, with thickness from 0.2 to 1 mm. Photomasking is used in photolithography techniques on micro and even nano scale (integrated circuit fabrication) for microfabrication of patterns on a given film / substrate.

The company is looking for industrial or research partners that are able to identify a suitable technical solution to be customised and adopted under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
If the solution requires a more intense development, the company will collaborate under a technical cooperation agreement in the design and test of the new machine while the other partner will carry out the technical development.

Expertise sought

Partners are expected to have access to a solutions that is in line with the company requirements and have an extensive experience on photomask techniques, including surface preparation, cleaning, and handling, with automated or semi-automated processes.

The main technical specifications of the request are:
- resolution: 5 micrometres
- plates: borosilicate glass with chrome coating, thickness from 0.2 to 1 mm
- size: from small diameter up to 240x240mm

Requested partner

Partners sought: industrial or technological partners with a proven know-how on photolitographic technologies for microfabrication and related industrial applications.

Partners are expected to provide a thourough analysis of the issue and identify a suitable technical solution.

In case of an existing or easily customisable solution, the companies will establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Alternatively, the companies will collaborate under a technical cooperation agreement in the design and test of the new machine while the partner will carry out the tecnical development.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests