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Spanish biotech company is looking for a molecular in vitro diagnostics kits under manufacturing, commercial or technical agreement

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TRES20200420001
Publication Date: 20 April 2020


The Spanish biotech company is expert in the development of tools for the early diagnosis of colon cancer based on minimally invasive approaches. They have a molecular signature based on some proteins and micro RNA (miRNA) biomarkers and look for partners for manufacturing kits and raw materials (reagents) for the analysis of these biomarkers. Technical and commercial agreement are also interested.


The organization is a Spanish biotechnological company with wide expertise in the diagnosis of cancer. Its main activity is the development of different in vitro diagnosis test (IVD). One of its products has been validated in a large prospective clinical study. Next step is manufacturing and commercialization of the diagnosis test. 

The test is based on the determination of molecular biomarkers (combination of miRNAs and proteins in a predictive algorithm) which have been already validated by conventional ELISA/CLIA (enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay / chemi-luminescent immuno assay) and qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) in some clinical trials.

We are looking for partners for manufacturing kits, raw reagents for the analysis of miRNAs and proteins.

The cooperation type can be:
- A manufacturing agreement to participate in the manufacturing of the kits, in particular, in the production of the reagents and proteins.
- A commercialization agreement, to participate in the process of commercialization of the diagnosis kits and distribution in the markets. The partner seek shall have experienced in the diagnosis of cancer markets.
- A technical cooperation agreement to participate in the production of the reagents to analyze miRNA and proteins and scale-up. The partner seek shall have experience and abilities for the production of these reagents and scale-up processes.

Expertise sought

The company has been using commercial ELISA/CLIA kits and very well-known qPCR protocols, from international manufacturers, in the validation studies performed until now. The goal, from now on, is to establish an agreement to produce the raw materials (reagents) and manufacture the kit for commercialization. The production of antibodies for proteins is also desired, if the partners gathered the experience needed.

It will be value positively, if the company manufacturer has proper platforms to analyze miRNAs and proteins and, also, if they could measure these biomarkers through a multiplex system. The company will be willing to perform feasibility and verification studies with the new technology since it will be considered as an improved version with added value.

The IVD test is close to be commercialized, so the company will value positively partners that, additionally to the manufacturing of the kits, can provide support throughout the entire process of producing a kit, such as scale-up raw reagents and formatting them into the components in the kit, integrate these components in a final kit for the client, distribution to final clients, etc.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

The company is looking for industrial partners for manufacturing an in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and produce raw reagents and proteins under manufacturing agreement.

Additionally, it will be value positively a technical cooperation to transfer the method to a proprietary technology or multiplexing the biomarkers and commercial agreement with technical assistance to kitting and distribution to final clients.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests