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Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TRES20180926001
Publication Date: 26 September 2018


A Spanish city council aims to move forward on sustainable and smart mobility solutions. Consequently, this city council is seeking for urban, sustainable and smart (eco) mobility initiatives, agreements or partnership, whereas innovation leads the way and simultaneously meets social challenges. It offers an open innovation ecosystem, creates a living lab, which are used to add value to the innovation process. Research, technical cooperation or commercial agreement are sought.


The city council has extensive experience in knowledge management and innovation programs and actions oriented to reduce polluting emissions as well as to improve the mobility services and to reduce the congestion of the city. At the same time, new political and economic decision-making for sustainable mobility in urban environments have been implemented in the last year.

This recently expertise can be summarized as follows:
-. e-Bus plus: a complete eBus charging infrastructure (offboard high power pantographs).
-. e-Cars: internal electric vehicles (EVs) fleets.
-. Car sharing service for council staff.
-. Clean vehicles programme that prioritizes the purchase of EVs and alternative energy vehicles
-. e-Cars: business EVs fleet (taxi, last mile delivery, commercial fleets). Currently there are 45 EV users and their associated home charging points providing data on their mobility habits, through a “data sharing services on the use of EVs with intensive mobility and charging point” agreement.
-. Citywide charging point infrastructure, including a public use charging point´s network with more than 60 connectors.
-. Pioneering private e-car mobility and charging station data transfer model.
-. Data profiling and intermodal transport of freight and goods transport models:
* Micro model pilot of urban delivery of goods.
* Macro model pilot of freight intercity transport

The expertise sought on smart and sustainable (eco)mobility are:
-. Intermodal freight and good modelling, systems analysis, and smart solutions.
-. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X).
-. Smart infrastructures, that adapts to road conditions and allows for the most efficient throughout traffic.
-. Autonomous vehicles
-. Standardization of charging point´s network and access interoperability
-. Mobility dataset sharing aimed to improve the urban mobility management and planning
-. Social impacts of smart mobility; challenges, policies and guidance

Potential partners are entities that can offer smart mobility solutions under research, technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Expertise sought

Stakeholders concerned and encouraging sustainable and smart (eco)mobility are expected to come forward with their ideas and concepts, and provide expertise within the scope of some of the following specific technologies, focus on gaining new projects or knowledges in order to further develop existing, new or improved products, tools, methods or services.

Requested partner

The city council seeks entities like industries, research & innovation centres, start-ups, entrepreneurships and other institutions geared towards smart mobility solutions.

The activities must be in smart mobility, big data, electric vehicles, vehicles to vehicles (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), vehicles to everything (V2X), autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, smart logistic or urban mobility modelling.

The entity sought must to implant the appropriate technology.

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