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Software development partners sought for the project "Digitization of employment sites and fire departments"

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TRDE20190508001
Publication Date: 16 May 2019


The German SME is a competent and reliable provider of mobile IT solutions in the fields of blue light and industry and has been doing so for more than 14 years. In the wake of the increasing demand for digitization within the fire brigades, they developed the idea to create a communication platform for this purpose. The platform should be operating system independent and modular. They are now looking for software developers to develop the operating system with a technical cooperation agreement.


The German SME has been working for over 14 years in the industry and fire departments. They work on the subject of industry 4.0 with a focus on remote service and smart service. Furthermore, they are in the field of logistics and supply here hardware such forklift terminals and scanners of various kinds. In the field of fire brigades, they supply mobile computer solutions and software for training and deployment support. They also supply robots for dangerous operations.

The problem facing the fire brigades is that for years it has been missed to take the steps of digitization. So that now every pocket of the firefighters because of their smartphones are more modern than their equipment. At the moment communication is relatively complicated via radio. The chief instructor gets the situation described only in words and must thus create his own picture of the situation. Also the guiding during the employments takes place only by radio. Object information usually has to be searched by hand in detected folders, as well as accidents with dangerous goods. Hydrants have to be searched, this costs valuable time and personnel.

Now, the goal is to create a communication platform that meets the digital needs of aid organizations. They do not want to create another "island solution", but a product that covers all the wishes of the users to 90 - 95% and can be adjusted to 5 - 10% by further customized personalization. Due to the modular structure of the software, it will continue to grow with the requirements in the future. Modules such as artificial intelligence will continue to expand the platform's appeal in the future. The focus is always on the simple operation of the individual modules, so that the user does not notice anything of the complex processes that take place in the background and can essentially concentrate on his work. At the end, the customer has ONE contact person for this product.
The result should be a software that supports the task leader in his work. They want to create a communication and information platform that is easy to use. Further modules such as an object inspection for preventive fire protection and an automated map as well as artificial intelligence complete the package. The software should also grow with future requirements.

They are looking for partners for the technical development of the software platform who can participate in the development or even handle it completely alone. The German SME will formulate the requirements and the concept. The partner should realise the technical implementation with a technical cooperation agreement or a similar contractual agreement.

Expertise sought

The development of the platform should focus on the operating systems Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS. The main purpose of the platform is to run on mobile devices such as tablet PCs, smartphones and head-mounted tablet PCs, but also on stationary computers. Likewise, interfaces to existing software platforms, e.g. Cobra etc. are integrated in order to simplify the communication of different control center systems.

Requested partner

For the development of the software platform to support firefighters, they are looking for start-up companies or medium-sized companies that can participate in the development or even handle them completely alone. The development should be done on the operating systems Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS. For this, the partners do not need any knowledge about the structures of fire brigades, as this consultant of the company as well as adviser of fire brigades are always available. 
Together, as equal partners, they want to roll out this project in Europe in the future. Everything is regulated here contractually and legally safe. The partners take full responsibility for the development, such as the creation of cost plans and road maps.

The partnership should not be phased out after the development, but be permanent as the platform should be constantly adapted to the digital needs of customers and further developed. A long-term partnership is envisaged.

Cooperation offer ist closed for requests