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UK company offering analytical tools and proprietary metrics innovation to locate, quantify and analyse digital presence and detect trends seeks commercial licensing agreements from partner(s) in France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20210622001
Publication Date: 12 July 2021


UK company offers analytical tools and proprietary metrics capable of determining a unique set of signals from a business or sector’s digital presence.

The innovation allows users to locate and systematically analyse the digital presence of tens of thousands of businesses and iterate this process at rapid intervals, scanning both current and historical data.   

Seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreements in France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.


This limited company based in mid-Wales, was established in the digital technology sector in 2020.

The technology on offer has been developed in response to the increasing demand from businesses, policy makers and civil society organisations to improve and strengthen their ability to anticipate and manage volatility in the current era of fast-paced and unpredictable change.

As rapid political, cultural, and technological shifts occur, triggering unprecedented economic and societal challenges and opportunities, immediate access to detailed, credible and verifiable data will give organisations using this technology an advantage in navigating a successful route forward.

In an interconnected, permanently online world, spheres of social activity can be transformed beyond former recognition within weeks. Thus, the time lags involved in traditional methods of data collection, such as surveys and manual desk research, lead to information being out of date even before it is analysed and presented.
Equally, in the face of global crises, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic and climate change, the need for immediate and on-demand access to a range of relevant data has been firmly established.

The analytical tools and proprietary metrics of the offering client locates and classifies companies by monitoring their digital presence across websites, social media, open databases, and other sources in the public domain.
Scanning tens of thousands of companies per day, the platform catalogues, curates and analyses data to provide targeted information and profiles of individual actors, as well as an overview of defined sectors or regions.

By not working with personally identifiable information, the technology is inherently GDPR compliant and respects all other regulations concerning the rights of individual data subjects.

Users can locate and quantity the digital maturity, innovation levels, community engagement, significant relationships, brand voice and characteristics of a business. Resource levels, strategy and priorities of the target business are also indicated, enabling users to profile and predict a company’s prospects for growth and understand their sustainability credentials.

The tools also allow users to track the evolution of companies or business sectors by retrospectively tracing their digital history; thereby providing insight into a specific company or wider sector’s development and offering a means of detecting significate economic trends and identifying which actors are dynamic and driving change, or those lagging behind.

Decision makers would thus gain strategic oversight of pertinent sectors, allowing them to detect patterns of formal or informal service provision, track the effects of government policies or determine the impacts of significant external events, such as pandemics or financial crises, in order to develop informed, benchmarked plans for the future.

Intelligence generated by the technology can be leveraged by users to guide more effective commercial strategies or social policies and inform private and public sector investment decisions.

The offering client is seeking partners to allow their digital tools to be used within European marketplaces, including developing iterations of the technology deploying languages other than English, refinement of the current product and the creation of new databases and SaaS (Software as a Service) packages attuned to the market needs.

They seek commercial, private and public sector partners who are committed to effective implementation and collaborative future development of the offered technology, through licensing and/or reselling agreements with the aim of recreating and expanding the software functionality in wider geographical markets.

Such agreements will preferably be with partner(s) from France, Germany. Spain and the Netherlands.

Advantages and Innovations

The technology can be tailored to deliver easy access to bespoke regular, credible business intelligence to diverse customers, supporting varied needs and objectives, at a significantly enhanced scale and lower cost than traditional methodologies. 

The insight generated provides commercial advantage to businesses, such as business support agencies or sales and marketing teams, who are able to act or react appropriately and creatively upon the findings.

Equally, policy makers can make informed decisions for the public good, based upon the most up to date information possible.
Academic researchers can draw upon diverse, innovative sources of historical and contemporary information, create predictive models or test hypotheses.

The tools and metrics currently deployed seek to establish innovation levels and forecast innovation activity within the economy, determine the sustainability of companies, their climate footprints, employment practices including employee diversity, and ultimately predict their likely future business prospects.

The offering client envisages that the partnerships sought will lead to innovation of a repertoire of new metrics, applicable to high level concepts which are receiving increasing global focus, such as business innovation and sustainability in the areas of clean growth, the circular economy, and ethical procurement.
A further intention is that the automation of Quality Assurance processes will be progressed.

As the specific needs of differing customers continue to evolve rapidly, tools will be developed and flexibly deployed to deliver additional value to clients, including development of a consultancy supported, self-administered SaaS (Software as a Service) application stack to allow curation of bespoke information.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology is on the market within the UK.

Requested partner

The offering client would like to explore partnering via commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreements with organisations who have an established client base that would be a conduit for expanding the offered technologies into European markets. 

Partners are sought from the private or public sector with organisations that understand the value of using insightful data to make informed decisions.

The desired partners would be committed to not only extending the existing offered technology into new geographical and market territories, but also be eager to work collaboratively with the offering client to innovate and deliver continuous improvement of the tools and technologies in order that new market needs can be anticipated and proactively addressed.

Relevant organisations might be operating in business support, asset management, sales development or be market research consultancies, and are likely to have staff actively engaged in interrogating data to extract actionable information.
Chief executive teams from organisations who are seeking to improve their data-driven operations and workflows, may also wish to form partnerships to further their ambitions.

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands

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