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Platform for wirelessly powered & connected IOT end-nodes such as sensors, buttons, switches etc.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20210422001
Publication Date: 22 April 2021


A UK/Singapore joint venture offers a wirelessly powered (maintenance-free) IOT platform based on standard WiFi connectivity. The platform doesn’t require coding/programming. It is designed for rapid development of IOT end-nodes with robust integration to any software and internet services. Solution providers in automation, home automation, security, monitoring systems and the like are sought to acquire the system or design under a license or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


An estimated 500Bn devices connected to the internet are going to be produced by 2030. Making reliable ultra-low power connected devices is a complex and lengthy process.
A UK and a Singaporean startup jointly solve typical problems challenging the uptake of IOT connectivity technologies using standard WiFi medium and operating in an extremely constrained power envelope harvested from the air.
The existing offerings talk about flexibility and customisation but in practice, the user has to have another hub installed, or find an additional power source, or buy some subscription.
The new platform makes use of what the industry standards (and workplaces) already have. See the pictures below. It provides hardware modules / components to the designer or manufacturer, which can be integrated without coding to any software or internet service ecosystems or mobile apps. A lot of effort has been spent on ease of use, seamless integration and providing reliable ultra-low power experience harvested from the air for end-users and solution providers.
The connectivity component hardware is extremely low power. It comes with HW deep sleep mode which consumes as little as 0.5 uA which allows devices to operate from the energy harvested from the air. The remote power supply is capable of providing energy which is sufficient to infinitely supply current for low power electronic devices.
The data traffic is one way and it can send an infinite number of data events.
The technology is already used for various projects such as emergency buttons, doorbells, wireless light switch, monitoring banana plantations, monitoring cheese temperature in cellars, security alarms, monitoring overflow of heating boilers, smart mouse traps, smart cat flaps etc. All those devices are either connected to the automated system or can send data and notifications directly to client devices e.g. phones.
Currently, the data traffic is one way and the data rate is not limited as it is wirelessly powered. It is perfectly good to make a use case for various sensors. For example, it will make the adoption of various fire alarms and air quality sensors a lot easier.
Both companies seek solution providers, designers and manufacturers of electronics devices and appliances. Applications include assisted living, industrial IoT, emergency buttons, doorbells, security alarms, and all types of sensors. Turnkey systems will be offered under commercial agreements with technical assistance. Also, a license to the designs can be negotiated.






Advantages and Innovations

The innovation lies in low power WiFi resisting from creating additional hubs or devices but making the best use of existing hardware.
The advantage this brings is the users getting new smart applications without having to change their habits or worrying about setup.
The wireless power supply offers maintenance-free solutions incl in hard-to-reach places.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industry.
Specific activity of partner: manufacturers and developers of sensors and devices in fields such as smart homes, assisted living, industrial IoT, automation, security, monitoring, robotics, home automation, etc.
Role of partner sought: to acquire the design under a license agreement or a turnkey solution under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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