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UK cyber-security company offers innovative solutions for corporate home workers protection from hackers, cyber intruders and confidential data loss.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20210104001
Publication Date: 4 January 2021


A UK cyber-security company has developed innovative security-as-a-service solutions with corporate-style cyber defences to corporate home networks that are becoming increasingly targeted during Covid-19 lockdown. They seek end users handling sensitive data, to pilot the SaaS under commercial agreements with technical assistance, and value added resellers and integrators for licensing agreements.


The company has developed powerful AI-driven network traffic capture algorithms. These algorithms filter out and discard network traffic data that has no value in threat-detection, reducing the volume of data that needs to be analysed for threats by about 95%. These efficiencies mean that the solutions suit homeworker environments, where large volumes of data need to be transmitted over low speed pipes; particularly when compared to other threat-detections systems which are forced into analysing all network traffic due to inefficient data capture.
The technology has many applications, but the team have chosen to develop this specifically to protect corporate businesses, where in the wake of Covid-19, homeworkers who handle high value, business-confidential data at home makes the company an attractive target for cyberattack.
In the wake of Covid-19, more employees than ever are working from home. A lack of affordable, corporate-style home network protection has seen cyberattacks on home and satellite office networks rocket during the pandemic.
Corporate antivirus and VPNs provide some degree of protection for the home worker. Today, the risk lies in the areas of the home network an IT department cannot see - the ever-increasing list of internet-connected smart devices. Home assistants (for example Alexa or Echo), smart appliances, ip-CCTV, smart home heating, streaming devices, games consoles or Internet connected toys all share the home network infrastrucuture with the home worker. A single vulnerablility in any one of these devices could potenitially expose the entire corporate network to an attacker.
A portfolio of fully managed security-as-a-service protection solutions includes monitoring and alerting against hackers and cyber intruders, corporate data loss and IT policy breach, so as to protect the corporate network. These solution complement and enhance existing home security solutions such as firewalls, antivirus and VPNs, rather than replace them.
The company offer
a) a per-user subscription based, fully-managed homeworker security-as-a-service
b) a non-managed hardware, software, ruleset-only offering, which integrates into a company’s existing threat-detection systems
c) a technology license to service providers who seek to improve their services to their clients.
This company is looking to expand into new markets via commercial agreements with technical assistance or licensing agreements with partners who realise increased risks to business clients from home working, and the need for security/network support to businesses with perceived risks.

Advantages and Innovations

The approach of significantly reducing data at point of collection, provides several advantages:
• Low cost solutions that scale across homeworker estates; the data-capture software is optimised to run on low cost IoT-type devices
• Increased accuracy of cyber threat detection; reducing and structuring unstructured network traffic allows it to be analysed by powerful modern search languages
• Plug-and-play collection "black boxes"; simple for a non-technical homeworker to install by simply connecting the box to a home router
• Customisable, automated alerting; alerts the homeworker and/or the business IT function of suspicious network activity
• Extends existing in-house security solutions; our non-managed solution fully integrates with a business’s existing security solution.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for assistance in establishing the market viability of the solution, and cooperation to develop the product further according to market needs.
The type of partners sought include:
a) commercial organisations with concerns for business and data security from home working, who would be willing to pilot the technology. Ideally, but not exclusively, businesses from the following sectors: legal, home call-centre, pharma, life sciences/biotech, fin-tech, R&D, gaming, IoT;
b) value added resellers of IT technologies and services, who’s customers include commercial organisations with home workers who handle business confidential information or IP (legal, home call-centre, pharma, life sciences/biotech, fin-tech, R&D, gaming, IoT);
c) specialist resellers of technical IP-connected products/services wishing to enhance the security perception of their products;
d) managed service providers who are interested in developing the technology further in order to bring to the market.
The company is looking to work with these either under licensing agreements or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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