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Lightweight and unobtrusive personal data consent service that creates standardised consent receipts with purposes defined in an easy-to-use dashboard

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20190912002
Publication Date: 12 September 2019


A UK company has developed a lightweight personal data consent service accessed as an API (Application Programming Interface). The technology allows organisations to provide a more accessible and clear service to clients as well as providing clear evidence for data compliance. They are seeking companies with apps to deploy the product as white-label service via licensing agreements or to support deployment as an in-country standalone service via commercial partnership with technical assistance.


Data Protection regulations around the world such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) include the requirement to have clear, constant and unambiguous consent to use personal data. The regulators have increasingly been issuing fines for non-compliance of up to 4% of global turnover.

The regulations were necessary due to growing demand for more choice and control over user data. At the same time there is an increasing focus on improving the customer experience, which is best provided by having a richer understanding of the customer. Transparent organisations are perceived as being more trusted, and those that empower customers with choice and control over the use of their data are more trusted.

The service developed by the UK company gives organisations the ability to control when consent interactions take place so that they are relatively unobtrusive to the user and only invoked at the relevant time. This creates a higher likelihood of success and a more trusting relationship with users.

Users are able to control the level of data they share and receive a standardised receipt for the consent they have provided.

The UK company is seeking any company which requires large scale data processing and consent to do so. Organisations are able to use the app in one of two ways. They can license the technology via a white label agreement, or they can adapt the technology in-country via a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

The service helps organisations to conform to personal data legislation where consent is identified as the basis for the use of personal information – It is both GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant. 
• Demonstrated as an example of best practice by the European Commission's Citizen Centric Data team
• One of the first two solutions to comply with the Kantara consent receipt standard.

Improves the customer experience by enabling a more granular and ongoing view of a customers' wants and needs. It increases the user's trust in the organisation through transparent agreement about the purpose for data use.

The unique feature of the product is that the consent profile is ongoing and built over time. This means that an organisation does not have to use a ‘catch all' statement at the outset of the relationship. Until now, this has caused many abandoned transactions – this service has greatly reduced this issue.

Has a range of applications:
• Know Your Customer - customer experience Improvement
• Retail – targeted marketing, providing relevant incentives
• Services - Sharing Economy data sharing.
• Finance – banking services, payments to 3rd parties
• Healthcare - sharing patient data with other providers

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The service is live and available in English. A small amount of customisation and localisation may be required if the partner would prefer to use local language for new markets.

Requested partner

Type: Industry

Activity: Any business which requires data consent for processing the personal data of their clients. This includes banking, healthcare, retail, journey planners etc., as well as app developers and embedded systems.

Specific role of partner sought: Regional licensing and white labelling of the service. Or to work directly with the UK company to adapt the service to their specific needs via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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