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UK developer of mobile app for energy saving activities looks to participate in new H2020 projects as ICT partners

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20190726001
Publication Date: 5 August 2019


The  UK  SME  has developed a mobile app to encourage users to be more aware of their energy use and encourage more efficient energy consumption. Energy use and savings can be compared with other linked app users. This comprises of data collection utilities, back-office database design and implementation, and mobile application.
The company offers its expertise to join consortia for new H2020 bids and to reutilize the product from earlier H2020 projects for new bids/EU projects.


The company is a research-led SME developing system solutions for information acquisition, processing, and delivery. it specializes in human-centric applications including decision support, data mining, and information services. 
Already successful in the traffic, transport and environmental sectors, the company is seeking collaborators to work with, applying their knowledge to the energy sector. By developing a mobile application that will contribute to the reduction in domestic energy costs by making users aware of their energy consumption and costs which will encourage users to be more efficient in their energy use.
App users can be linked together, enabling a comparison of energy use and encouragement to save energy. The app could also be adapted for office and industrial comparisons.
The app that the company has developed brings together existing information sources with current and future communications technology.
The company draws on over twenty years of experience of its staff with real-time monitoring and control systems and it has an established track record of successful implementation of information systems developed around the latest communications technologies.
The issue is in engaging potential customers and making them aware of the energy spend of their dwelling through mobile technologies. The individual elements of data collection utilities, back-office database design, and implementation combine on a mobile application. This is the innovative aspect of the proposal as these elements have previously only been available individually.
Potential markets are all systems where measurement of the energy consumption can be taken.
The company is offering full ICT services and expertise from front end to back end server hosting, software development and mobile application development.
Having participated in previous H2020 consortia, they are now looking for new partners for new H2020 projects in the energy sector.

Advantages and Innovations

The advantage of the mobile app solution is the potential for immediate awareness of energy consumption and potential savings in energy usage, which can be applied to domestic, business and industrial users. Innovation comes from the integration of the individual IT elements into one comprehensive mobile app. To date, only the individual components have been made available to users.     
The offer is for integrating the energy-saving mobile app into the ICT systems of the users. The advantages of the solution are in the packaging of all IT services in one system integration.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for either a research partner or an industry partner with a strong research ethos looking to join H2020 project consortia. They should be looking to support the energy sector with IT solutions and would be expected to be involved in deploying energy solutions.

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