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Simple and affordable space missions

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20180417001
Publication Date: 18 April 2018


This UK-based company has developed two innovative and unique technology-enabled offerings. The first is a payload development service allowing to go from PoC/prototype to space-qualified technology in less than six months. The second is a 'one-stop-shop' to orbit service allowing the demonstration of a commercial service through one or a constellation of satellites. They seek service agreements with companies either developing innovative payloads or that provide a service using satellite data.


Launching a satellite into space is highly complex, expensive and time-consuming. To make matters more complicated, satellite industry providers are generally divided between a subsystem manufacturer, a satellite integrator, a satellite operator, a ground segment provider, or a launch service provider. 

A UK company is providing all of these services together with a turnkey solution tailored around our three key products:
1) a software-as-a-service platform in which clients can purchase a space mission, define their mission architecture, do monitoring and planning of the mission elements while the hardware is being built and integrated, and finally operate the assets in orbit.
2) a payload qualification platform which allows either the client or payload partner to develop, test and qualify their payload within only weeks before integration into the nanosatellite bus.
3) a modular, flight-proven nanosatellite bus which can provide up to 20kg of mass to payloads supporting missions ranging from remote sensing to communication, automatic identification system, and geolocalisation.

They are seeking two types of partners for collaboration via services agreement:

1) start-ups and space technology companies looking to develop, and provide a service using, innovative payloads and instruments. This can range from Infrared cameras to radio transmitters, lasers, sensors, and disruptive technologies.

2) companies providing a service using satellite data. This can range from satellite imaging companies to data analytics provider to big corporations and governments, IoT (Internet of Things) communication providers for smart cities and connected cars, surveillance and tracking services for maritime and border control.

They are seeking collaboration via services agreement to facilitate new satellite production.

Advantages and Innovations

With this new disruptive business model in the space sector, the company is ready to offer a key enabling service that will act as a catalyst for innovation and maturation of space emergent technologies in the New Space era. It is enhancing fast access to orbit (in months) at a fraction of the current costs while enabling payload developers to fully focus on their in-orbit data. New innovative lean and scrum methodologies and tools have been implemented in the company to allow an agile and rapid development of the key technologies that simplify access to space. They do so by reducing the three main barriers in the space sector: complex technology, consuming paperwork and extreme costs. This is achieved using a payload development platform and a cloud-based mission and system simulator. The former replicates the mechanical and electrical constraints of their satellite platforms while still being modular and flexible to enable payload developers to change the configuration and physical dimensions. The latter enables full mission and systems development and simulation with hardware in the loop when the payload is assembled. The tools enable the company to provide public and private customers a one-stop-shop service that covers all aspects of nanosatellite space missions with a minimalistic and flexible approach.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: Industry
Activity: Start-ups and space technology companies/Companies providing a service using satellite data
Specific role of partner sought: Use of the service to co-develop new satellites.

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