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Licensing of high-resolution pocket microscope

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20180201001
Publication Date: 1 February 2018


A UK company has developed a portable pocket microscope that delivers laboratory grade images. The microscope displays and stores 1 micron resolution images and HD videos on a smartphone or tablet. The product allows scientists, engineers, health professionals and educators to use a microscope in remote locations for the first time. The company is seeking partners with a global presence in science and technology vertical markets to license this unique product as part of their global offering.


Current microscopes deliver detailed images, but they are difficult to use, expensive and perform best on a solid lab bench. Low-cost digital microscopes are widely available, but the image quality is generally poor.

A UK company has developed a compact microscope that displays laboratory-grade images on the screen of a connected smartphone or tablet and can be used anywhere: in the jungle, field, exhibition hall or classroom. The images and videos can be shared with colleagues at base camp or pasted into reports.

The microscope is simple to use. There is no eyepiece, and all that can be seen is a clear image, so it is ideal for outreach and education.

They are seeking science-based companies with a global position that are seeking to differentiate their offerings from their competitors.

The company is already working with leading animal health corporations to supply vets with image recognition tools that diagnose disease on the farm allowing immediate diagnosis and improved productivity.

It is now seeking licensees to exploit the microscope in new markets such as engineering, education, human health, brewing, contamination and outreach, or perhaps an application not listed here.

The product can carry the partner's branding and the UK company is willing to work together to customise the device so that it can be offered as a highly differentiated market specific solution.





Advantages and Innovations

* The product folds to fit in a jacket pocket and is completely portable.

*There is no eyepiece. Images are displayed on the screen of a smart-phone or tablet and the system is robust and simple to use.

*Images are much higher quality than current portable microscopes. It is simple to look at single cellular organisms or other micron scale features in any environment that a smart-phone can survive.

*Images and videos are saved to the tablet and are easy to share.

* Existing clients include Bayer, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, The Royal Veterinary College, The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, The Medical Research Council and many vets.

* The UK company is already working with leading animal health corporations to supply vets with image recognition tools that diagnose disease on the farm. This allows Immediate treatment of the animals, increasing productivity and reducing the costs of farming worldwide.

*The company is now looking to do the same in other industries.

*The digital technology provides the opportunity to detect specific features and diagnose problems automatically in remote locations.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: Industry

Activity: Global licensing of solutions based on portable microscope technology.

Specific role of partner sought: Work with the UK company to customise the product for the licensor's market and brand, then sell the branded product globally.

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