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A UK company offers a novel pump to boost solar syphons in Cyprus and elsewhere

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20171127002
Publication Date: 27 November 2017


A small UK company has developed and successfully commercialised a water boosting device in the UK which is uniquely suited to boosting solar syphons (and other domestic and industrial applications). It seeks enthusiastic business partners to jointly exploit this unique product, through commercial agreements with technical assistance, followed by manufacturing under license.


Very little innovation has been happening in the waterworks in domestic and commercial systems. For example, where there are issues with water pressure, the standard recommendation is to install a bigger (and noisier) central pump.
A small East of England company patented and developed a small low voltage pump for installations at the weak points not the whole system.
The device enables water boosting to achieve good flows and pressure targeted to, but not limited to, the requirements of showers and hand basins. It achieves this using less than 1/20th of the power input to a typical power shower, yet achieves the same demonstrable output. Over 6,000 pumps have been sold worldwide (mainly in the UK).

An unexploited segment so far has been delivering hot water from solar thermal systems throughout several floors, without a pressure drop.

For solar syphons the unique selling points of this 12.5 watt device are that it has a pump which is 100% waterproof, can be fitted exposed on a roof, it cannot burn out, or cavitate, it can operate at temperatures over 100 deg C, and is so robust, second to none. Whilst in a home or factory these factors are desirable, on an exposed roof (which is the only place to easily get access to pipework from a solar syphon), these factors are essential.

The device comes complete with a transformer which outputs 12 Volts dc (see the Picture), and the fittings are specially adapted to be compatible with pipes found on roof tops. The fitting can easily be installed by an inexperienced fitter, no electrician is required.

The UK company is seeking two types of partnerships (can be with the same partner). Companies in the solar syphon (also called siphon) business are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance, in Cyprus and Southern Europe in particular. Some initial training and technical consulting is needed to be delivered by the UK company locally. Eventually, the manufacturing of the pump should be shifted closer to the partners, under a license agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The innovation lies in creating a pressure cell within any pipe allowing targeted pressure increases to showers and appliances without employing large twin volute pumps or pumps that need to cater for a wide range of flows. In the event of a power failure the flow reverts to the flow achieved before fitting it (fail safe).  The power usage of the device can easily be achieved with a small solar panel or simply plugged into an existing plug socket.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industry

Specific activity of the partner: installation and maintenance of solar syphon systems, installation of showers.

Role of partner sought: to introduce the device in their territory under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. As sales grow, it may be economically desirable to bring the manufacturing of the pump closer to the partner, under a license agreement.

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