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Web based suite of programs for patient pre-operative and pre-procedure assessment

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TOUK20170523001
Publication Date: 23 May 2017


The south west UK multiple award winning company has developed a suite of programs which enables patients to independently complete pre-operative and pre-procedure assessments online, anywhere and at any time.  The web based solution, which is being used by a growing number of National Health Service (NHS) and private hospitals in the UK, brings significant cost savings and increases capacity. International partners are sought for licence agreements.


Globally healthcare services are facing increasing pressures from growing populations. Hospitals are being placed under unsustainable pressure and nursing staff are unable to adequately meet current demands. There is a growing need to improve efficiency and develop solutions which remove the need for trained clinical staff to collect basic data and which enable patients to record their own medical information. 
A south west UK SME led by an NHS consultant anaesthetist and former hospital medical director with first hand experience of the demands and complexities of completing pre-operative and pre-procedure assessments has developed an integrated suite of programs, which enables patients to undertake this exercise outside of the hospital setting.
The suite consists of six different but integrated program and covers: Pre-operative assement for adults and children, endoscopy, cardiology, local anaesthetic, interventional radiology.
The software is web based and can be accessed from anywhere at any time giving users complete flexibility. Users create an account and answer questions related to their particular procedure. Users share their information with healthcare professionals. Information is saved and automatically populates the other programs should patients require further interventions, which is often the case. This not only saves considerable time and associated costs but also provides consistency of process and information.
A detailed assessment output is generated for review by a registered nurse. This can be stored electronically or fully integrated into an electronic patient record. A clinical summary report provides the reviewing clinician a summary of the key issues, suggested pre-procedure tests, in line with 2016 NICE guidance, a suggested ASA (how ill the person is) grade, and a place where they can record their findings and decisions. This in-built ‘clinical decision support' drives best practice and a consistent approach. The suite of programs is a class 1 medical device registered with the MHRA ( Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and CE marking.
The programs benefit patients by giving them flexibility, independence, ownership and control, allowing them to tell their own health story. It helps reduce the need to attend multiple hospital appointments in the lead up to an operation or procedure. The solution generates cost savings by stream lining processes, reducing nursing time spent on data collection and allocation of hospital space for appointments.
Despite only being 2 years old the software program is being used in a growing number of National Health Service and private hospitals and is generating serious widespread interest within the NHS and from large corporations.
With the capacity to translate the solution the UK company now wishes to focus attention on international markets. Partners are sought for licence agreements.

Advantages and Innovations

• Hosted by Microsoft Azure Cloud servers which enables patients to own their data and restrict access to chosen healthcare professionals and organisations.

• The programs use a client server model with the ‘front end' running in a web browser, and the ‘back end' logic and database running on a separate web server.

• All server code is built on top of Microsoft MVC and web API using the C# language.

• Client code uses JavaScript with the Angular.js, jQuery and Underscore libraries.

• Presentation uses HTML 5 and CSS 3, with Bootstrap.

• Logging-in and authentication use the standard model supplied by MVC, customised to replace the username with an NHS number, and with the addition of a date of birth field to offer a triple check along with the password.

• The interface is dynamically tailored to give the best experience on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

• The whole process is operating system independent and has pan-operating system compatibility, including mobile operating systems.

• The programs are powered by a set of unique, complex, branching clinical algorithms not found in electronic forms sometimes used in preoperative assessment. These algorithms provide ‘clinical decision support' suggesting further tests, ASA grades (how ill the person is) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD10) coding for co-morbidities, and ultimately can provide more detailed information about a health issue, as further questions are asked when needed.

• Built into the program are approximately 140 external web links to relevant and up to date information about procedures, operations and general health issues such as anaesthesia, heart attacks, diabetes to enable patients to learn more. This can reduce the need for printed patient information.

• A program has been developed for use in preoperative assessment of children under 16 which is thought to be completely unique in the marketplace.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The company has won regional  business and life science industry awards for innovation. The continued success has attracted significant investment funding which has enabled the company to grow rapidly. 

The company owns various trademarks in the UK and across the EU and registered design marks and has copyright protection.

Requested partner

License agreement where the UK company will continue to maintain and develop the suite of programmes and the partner (acting as the owner) will distribute the product.

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