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The production technology of “green” hydrogen from bio-glycerin (a waste product of biodiesel production) and from bioethanol

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20200417001
Publication Date: 21 April 2020


This Ukrainian R&D company has developed a technology for the production of “green” hydrogen from biodiesel production waste - bio glycerin, as well as from bioethanol. The company is looking for interested partners on the basis of a technical cooperation agreement to test the technology in an industrial environment.


The Ukrainian R&D company established in 2016 is engaged in developing new technologies in the field of ecology, waste management,  generate green energy. The company employs scientists from various fields of science with experience in solving technical problems of varying complexity. 

This Ukrainian R&D company has developed a technology for the production of “green” hydrogen at a low cost from biodiesel production waste - bio glycerin, as well as from bioethanol. The technology also allows getting hydrogen from other types of waste, generated in the production of bioethanol - a mixture of ethanol, methanol, acetone, ethers, aldehydes, etc.

Today, the world’s annual production volume of biodiesel is more than 5 billion liters. The main by-product of this production (10% of the volume) is glycerin, which is currently considered as waste requiring disposal. The utilization of such glycerin today is a big, unresolved and expensive problem. Effective and inexpensive technologies for the processing of bio glycerin currently is not available.

The Ukrainian R&D company has developed a technology and a working laboratory unit that solves these problems - effectively process biowaste and at the same time receive hydrogen from them, and moreover, the "green" one.

The technology is based on plasma-chemical processes of dielectric barrier and glow discharges. The prospects of technology are associated with using low energy consumption, which goes to overcome the activation threshold of many chemical reactions. The technology allows getting hydrogen at low temperature and low atmospheric pressure, which leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption during production, reducing the cost of processes and obtaining low cost of hydrogen itself.

The technology has a high conversion efficiency (up to 75%) and a high hydrogen yield (more than 55%), which makes it very demanded and economically feasible.

A Ukrainian R&D company would like to test this technology when scaled in an industrial environment and is looking for partners to conclude a technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

- the raw material for hydrogen production is waste (by-products of agricultural processing, such as bio glycerin, mixtures of ethanol, methanol, acetone, ethers, aldehydes), the processing technologies of which are practically absent;
- unlimited amount of raw materials (waste) in the world market;
- increased liquidity of biodiesel production due to lower costs associated with the by-products disposal;
- the possibility of obtaining “green” hydrogen, the cost of which is lower than the hydrogen obtained by classical methods.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

The partner's role is to jointly implement the developed technology in the industrial environment, which requires appropriate financial resources invested by the partner on the basis of technical cooperation. The participation of scientific companies, international public, and private foundations and large companies is encouraged.

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