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Resource-saving technology for the production of wire-frame composites for electrical purposes based on tungsten and copper

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20200124001
Publication Date: 24 January 2020


A Ukrainian SME offers manufacturing technology for frame composites based on tungsten and copper with a ratio of physical-mechanical and electrical properties that provide operational characteristics that satisfy the requirements of most machines and mechanisms for electrical and electrical switching applications. The technology could significantly reduce the cost of final products. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a license agreement or a manufacturing cooperation.


The Ukrainian SME is a research and production enterprise in the form of an LLC, among the founders of which is one of the leading Ukrainian universities. There are highly qualified personnel and appropriate technological and analytical equipment. 
Today new technologies and materials that provide specifically defined functions and properties, especially for working in extreme conditions are needed. At the same time, it is important to save energy and minimize the generation of waste or its secondary use (especially for refractory metals and rare earth elements).
Pseudo-alloys based on tungsten and molybdenum with the addition of copper or silver are quite well known. The main problem for them is the limited mutual solubility of the elements, as a result of which it is not possible to achieve a high density of products. To increase it, additional compaction operations are used: rolling, stamping, hot isostatic pressing, etc.
In the proposed technology, the waste material used for metal processing of heavy alloys based on tungsten and copper is used as the main source material.
The process includes obtaining a tungsten-based frame composite and its subsequent infiltration with the copper melt, which is the subject of the client's know-how. This approach allows us to obtain composite materials with properties that are at the level, and some exceed the properties of high-quality tungsten-copper pseudo-alloys. At the same time, the cost of such material is much lower due to the lack of expensive alloying elements.
The resulting set of properties of these materials allows you to use them for the manufacture of high-precision breaking contacts (200-300 A), electrodes for resistance welding and electrical discharge machining for electrical and other industries.
Predicted operational properties are confirmed by industrial testing of experimental products.
Using the proposed class of materials and products from them will allow to modernize some technological processes and individual operations, especially for extreme operating conditions. Using the proposed technology and materials obtained on its basis will reduce the consumption of scarce natural resources, energy consumption and capital costs per unit of production, reduce the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
The SME is looking for partners in industry and business who are interested in introducing and disseminating the proposed technology for the production of composite materials and products from them described in the profile. The SME offers cooperation based on a licensing agreement or a manufacturing agreement. For example, the client may offer a partner a license agreement for the independent use of the technology and its dissemination. A production agreement can be offered to an industrial partner who is ready to organize production based on the technology described in this profile.
The SME also invites research organizations and business structures to search for new applications of the developed technology and the resulting materials.

Advantages and Innovations

The application of the proposed technology greatly simplifies and shortens the technological chain of obtaining the material and, accordingly, the finished product. 
The technology allows you to vary the structural parameters of the composite in a wide range, namely: the number, size, and morphology of pores for subsequent infiltration.
This allows to control the physical-mechanical and operational properties, thereby expanding the scope of the material.
Using this technology allows to solve the problem of recycling metalworking waste, which reduces the cost of products in comparison with traditional technologies.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The innovation is based on the developed calculation model. Industrial (full-scale) tests of experimental products were carried out, which confirmed the predicted operational characteristics. Tests were conducted at enterprises in the electrical industry.

Requested partner

Ukrainian SME is looking for partners in industry and business who are interested in using technology for the production of composite materials and products from them described in the profile.
The recommended scopes are special-purpose electrotechnical materials, high current breaking contacts, resistance welding electrodes, etc.
Collaboration with partners may include both obtaining the composite itself and its products, both for their own needs and for third parties.
The client also invites partners to search for new applications of the developed technology and the resulting materials.
Of particular interest to the client are organizations working in the field of production and development of electrical products using composite materials.

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