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Design of new technical level mines using geo-information technologies

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20191218001
Publication Date: 18 December 2019


A Ukrainian university offers a software product for automated design of mining minerals based on geographic information technologies. The advantage is an increase in labor productivity during geological, design and mining operations, making more justified decisions, and higher mining efficiency. The University is looking for partners among mining companies to sign a license agreement or among design institutes to sign a research cooperation agreement.


The Ukrainian university has many years of experience in training personnel, conducting scientific and applied research, solving practical problems in the field of mining design. An integrated approach combines engineering solutions and their optimization based on automatic control systems and software products that allow monitoring of any mining process. 
Known systems of computer imitation modeling of mining safety as well systems for forecasting of high pressure areas in mines with geo-informational modeling quite deeply study the problem of high pressure area safety as well as forecasting dynamics of rock caving during sewage operations and choose the best options for coal mining. However these models don’t allow making comprehensive assessment of reserves and cannot cover the full range of mining-geological and surveying tasks.
The university has developed a design and analysis system that allows to solve a wider range of mining and geological problems, including setting parameters of mineral structural elements in the mining process, form and update geological and exploration bases, conduct of mining geometrical analysis of ore reserves.
The system allows to carry out the qualitative assessment of the field is carried out, to maintain a database of production facilities, to generate the geodetic documentation and to carry out control of engineering, preparatory, drilling and blasting operations and to design graphic documentation.
The university is looking for mining companies interested in modernization of their activity by using the offered system (software product) to sign a license agreement or design organizations interested in joint researches in the field of mining automation aiming at the improvement of proposed solution, supplementing it with new parameters and algorithms to sign a research cooperation agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

- a possibility to solve more wide range of mining and geological problems than the existing systems of geo-informational modelling of mining productions; 
- a possibility to set parameters of mineral structural elements in mining process;
- provides high productivity of mining and geological surveying;
- allows to reduce the complexity of works and the time of designing technical documentation by 15-20 times;
- the possibility to apply along with office software products;
- minimizing of losses in mining.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Type of partner sought - mining enterprises, research and development institutes and   organizations

The company's field of activity is geological research, mining.

Tasks requiring implementation - optimization of own mining activity by introducing the offered system (under a license agreement) or conducting joint researches aimed at improvement of offered system, supplementing it with new parameters and algorithms for automation of mining operations design (under an research cooperation agreement).

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