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Technology for producing natural gas from underground gas hydrate deposits

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20191201001
Publication Date: 3 December 2019


A Ukrainian University of Dnipro city offers the technology of continuous, safe and resource-saving gas production from natural gas hydrate deposits to produce an artificial methane mixture for use as an alternative energy source. Advantage is saving of resources, environmental safety, process continuity, ease of transportation in a hydrated state, improving the economic performance of the the extraction industry. The university is looking for partners to sign license or joint venture agreement.


A Ukrainian University of Dnipro city has many years of experience in training personnel, conducting scientific and applied research, solving practical problems for the mining industry, mechanical engineering and the efficient use of resources.
The University has developed a method and technology for the continuous, safe and resource-saving production of natural gas from sea gas hydrate deposits.
Lowering the temperature, increasing environmental safety, minimizing the weight and dimensions of equipment, increasing its reliability and fixing during the production of natural gas are urgent problems for the extraction industry. The method and technology developed by the university allows to solve these problems. That is why the university has created an experimental installation for producing gas hydrates from a methane-air mixture of mine degassing wells.
As a result of the calculations, the optimal parameters for the natural gas production process were possible to obtain, namely:
well pressure - 4-4.5 MPa; temperature of injected carbon dioxide + 10°С (± 2°С); carbon dioxide viscosity - 137*10-7 Pa*s; the viscosity of methane gas 104*10-7 Pa*s; the density of carbon dioxide at a pressure of 4MPa - 74.84 kg / m3; the density of methane gas at a pressure of 4 MPa 27.21 kg / m3.
The university is looking for enterprises for mining coal, oil or gas, as well as enterprises in the fuel and energy sector to sign a joint venture agreement or a license agreement to use the results of intellectual property. This will enable partner enterprises to obtain a new alternative source of energy, increase the efficiency of production process through the application of the proposed technology and receive additional income due to saving of production costs.

Advantages and Innovations

- safety of the production process and reduced man-made impact on the environment;
- an integrated approach that increases the efficiency of the extraction industry;
- convenience and safety of gas transportation in a hydrated state;
- the availability of calculation of all necessary parameters to launch the production of installation for gas hydrates.
Innovations: The uniqueness of the technology lies in the possibility to produce natural gas layer-by-layer, full control of the process of replacing the natural methane gas with carbon dioxide, which reduces the negative impact on the environment, increases the process efficiency, reduces methane losses during pumping and carbon dioxide losses when injected into a gas hydrate layer, as well as this technology is more compatible with existing well drilling technologies.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The type of the partner sought - enterprises for extraction coal, oil, gas, and a fuel and energy complex. 

The area of activity - extractive industry, mining, fuel complex

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: the introduction of development in the production of minerals: coal, oil, gas; the creation of joint production

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