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Complex microbial preparation for increasing plant productivity based on nitrogen fixing and phosphate mobilizing bacteria

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20190329001
Publication Date: 29 March 2019


A Ukrainian scientific institute has developed a complex microbial preparation for plant productivity increasing based on nitrogen fixing and phosphate mobilizing bacteria. The preparation stimulates plant growth, development, and protects against the influence of stress factors, phytopathogenes and phytophages. The institute is interested in cooperation with bio-factories, and enterprises that specialize in the production of microbial biopreparations in the form of license agreements.


The Ukrainian scientific institute conducts research in the field of microbiology, virology and biotechnology during the last decades.
Increasing productivity in crop production and obtaining environmentally friendly products is important for different countries of the world. The use of biopreparations based on bacterial strains can provide a solution to this problem.
The proposed preparation improves nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of plants, stimulates their growth and development, protects plants from diseases caused by phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria, as well as from phytophages.
The preparation is based on strains of bacteria:
Nitrogen fixing strains of bacteria Azotobacter vinelandii are characterized by high activity of molecular nitrogen fixation and its transfer to mineral forms and the ability to synthesize biologically active substances that stimulate growth and development of plants.
Phosphate mobilizing strains of bacteria Bacillus subtilis can enhance the availability of phosphorus for plants. The specified bacteria synthesize and release into the environment biologically active substances that inhibit the development of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi.
The preparation production is possible in granular, nanocomposite and suspension forms.
A granulated and nanocomposite form of the preparation is characterized by high composition stability for prolonged storage (within 6 months).
Effectiveness of the preparation:
The increase in the yield of cereals (the mass of wheat grains increases by 3.3 – 7 g) is typical not only for the directly treated seed but is retained in the offspring;
The increase in the yield of vegetables by 25 – 37%;
The increase in the flowering of roses by 30 – 45%.
International cooperation is foreseen under the terms of a non-exclusive license. The institute has the experience of such cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises.
According to the license agreement the strains of bacteria are transferred as well as the scientific and technical documentation and scientific consultations can be granted.

Advantages and Innovations

The preparation significantly improves the productivity of treated plants.
The special granular and nanocomposite form of the preparation is made on the basis of the interaction of bacteria with minerals nanoparticles.
Such preparation has several advantages.
The interaction of bacteria with minerals nanoparticles is accompanied by significant increase in the activity of strains of bacteria and contributes to their increase.
Mineral particles interact with the surface of bacteria, which reduces the negative impact of the environment on their vital activity. Consequently, the activity of the preparation is maintained even under adverse weather conditions.
The granular and nanocomposite form of the preparation is characterized by high stability of the composition for prolonged storage which significantly increases the competitiveness of the preparation.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The preparation is ready for use in the market and is effectively used in plant growing. The preparation is produced by a number of Ukrainian enterprises.

Requested partner

Enterprises specializing in the production of microbial preparations, biofactories, are able to introduce licensed biotechnology into production.
For production it is necessary to have the availability of equipment for implementation at the enterprise. According to the license agreement, the Institute transfers strains of bacteria, scientific and technical documentation and discloses the process of biopreparation obtaining. If necessary, counseling on the terms of additional agreements is possible.

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