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Renewable energy: Energy-absorbing breakwater

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20180925001
Publication Date: 2 October 2018


The enterprise is looking for an investor for the sale of the license and further cooperation on the placing the device of the wave energy converting on the market based on manufacturing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The superior technology was patented in Ukraine, patent applications were filed in the US, Canada, and the EU countries.  The prototype is made in full size and went overall sea tests. The proven efficiency of technology is more than 70%.


The company is looking for investors or industrial partners specialized in the segment of offshore renewable energy and offers license agreement, manufacturing agreement and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company can produce small energy equipment but can support the partner by creating all necessary technical documentation and providing professional advisory services.
The company offers cooperation in the commercialization of its patented technology, the main advantage of which is the original dynamic scheme. It allows instantly convert the energy of the wave into the rotation of the working mechanism. When wave rising atmospheric force provides of torsion torque and when wave diminishing - gravity. Moreover, the rotation is initiated in the same direction. In other words, all the energy of the waves is directed at accomplishing useful work, so the whole design is a flywheel, and the forces of inertia give a positive effect. When scaling, individual modules are coaxially assembled in a section, which provides increased power and smooth operation.
The EU company or investor should be willing to form a license agreement in case if the partner wants to use authorization for licensed material and IPRs results; manufacturing agreement in case of mutual exchange of information; commercial - outsourcing agreement for long-term close cooperation.
In the segment of autonomous equipment for power generation and desalination of sea water there is no technical solution, while acceptable from an economic and environmental point of view.

Advantages and Innovations

The effectiveness was confirmed with the number of experiments.
The advantages over well-known solutions in the segment of offshore renewable energy:
• High efficiency at any waves and survival in a storm
• Universality - the ability to generate electricity and fresh water simultaneously or separately
• Unlimited possibilities for scaling and increasing power
• Easy installation, easy maintenance, does not take place on land
• Protect coastlines from wave erosion and does not pollute the environment
• Looks quite aesthetically pleasing and not interfere with the development of tourism.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

For today the company has already manufactured two sections of 8 plastic "wheel-modules" with a diameter of 2 m with a design capacity of 4 kW each. In the summer of 2018, the inventor conducted successful sea trials on the Black Sea. The reliability and productivity of the equipment have been fully confirmed. According to estimates, the efficiency of the technology is at least 70-80%.  To commercialize the technology have to do quite a bit, but ultimately the company can become an industry pioneer with all the pleasant consequences.

Requested partner

The company or investor should be willing to form a license agreement, manufacturing agreement or commercial cooperation agreement with technical assistance.
The role of the partner will vary depending on the nature of the collaboration that will be established:
• License agreement - the partner and the EU company would be given the authorization to use the licensed material and IPRs results.
• Manufacturing agreement can open mutual exchange of information (all possible under confidentiality agreements).
• Commercial agreement with technical assistance - the partner should be willing to work together closely focusing to launch of developed device as the market product.

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