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Lifts of new generation

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20170119001
Publication Date: 19 January 2017


A Ukrainian University of Dnepr city offers an upgraded design of lift installations with rubber ropes and a winch with small dimensions. The advantage – increasing of traction body life time due to the new model of the winch, reduced repair costs, lower energy consumption and safe operation of the installation due to the introduction of the automated control systems. The University is looking for industrial companies and housing sector companies for license agreement or joint venture agreement.


The University has a long-term experience of training staff, R&D and applied research, solving practical problems for mining industry and efficient usage of energy resources. An integrated approach allows not only to offer engineering solutions, but also to optimize the entire system on the basis of the automatic control systems and software that enable monitoring of any process. The developments and projects of the University are used in many sectors of economy. 
The engineer team of the University for many years leads R&D to improve and enhance the operational safety of lift installations for industrial companies. Presently, it was developed and patented an upgraded design of lift installations, allowing the usage of a new type of more strong steel ropes, covered with a rubber shell, combined with small-dimensional winch without gear, which runs silently, doesn’t require technical floor and consumes significantly less electricity. Reducing rope bending radius provides durability of the traction body compared to original constructions.
The special monitoring system has been also developed, which is the software product that allows to monitor the state of the ropes during their operation and automatically to stop the lift in case of interruption of one of the main ropes. This design can be used for modernization of lift designs in housing sector.
The university is looking for partners such as industrial companies and housing sector companies for license agreement or joint venture agreement that interested in implementation and replication of this offer, followed by its usage in housing sector or in industry, as a huge number of objects both in residential and non-residential sector needs to improve the reliability of designs of lifting mechanisms, which requires organization of mass production.

Advantages and Innovations

- Reducing the annual costs for the rope maintenance by 2.4 - 3 times;
- Corrosion protection and extension of service life of the traction body by 4 - 5 times as compared with the original design;
- Reduction of the annual energy costs by 2 times;
- Reducing the annual costs for lift installations operation from 1 to 2 times;
The system of continuous monitoring was developed, which will track the status of the ropes during their operation and provide automatic stopping of the lift in case of breakage of one of the main ropes. Reducing of the bending radius of the rope traction body provides durability by 4 - 5 times as compared with the ordinary design, and also the ability to use less of gear winch for the ropes with small bending radius and traction sheave d = 125 - 150 mm.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

There is an experimental sample. Development has passed the test on lift installations in coal mines. To start the series production it is necessary to develop the technical documentation for 1 sample of lift installation.

Requested partner

Type of partner sought - Industrial enterprises, housing sector companies, investment and development companies.
Specific area of activity - service of mining and metallurgy complexes, service of housing sector.
Tasks to be performed - implementation and replication of the offer for industrial enterprises and housing sector

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