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Specialist geo-information system for data integration and mining

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20170118002
Publication Date: 19 January 2017


A Ukrainian University of Dnepr city offers a software product for monitoring of mineral resources, environmental conditions, forecasting of seismically hazardous events. Advantages - complex processing of various spatial data, operate on Windows, user-friendly interface with built-in hint system. The university is looking for companies for commercial agreement with technical assistance and R&D Institutions for technical cooperation agreement in geological exploration and mineral mining.


The University has a long-term experience of training staff, R&D and applied research, solving practical problems for mining industry and efficient usage of energy resources. An integrated approach allows not only to offer engineering solutions, but also to optimize the entire system on the basis of the automatic control systems and software that enable monitoring of any process. The developments and projects of the University are used in many sectors of economy.  
The researcher of the University developed powerful tool of integrated intellectual analysis of spatial data RAPID GIS (Recognition, Automated Prognoses, Interpretation of Data). This software combines the possibilities of storage, processing, spatial data visualization and their intellectual analysis by Data Mining methods.
RAPID GIS allows to perform complex processing and analysis various of spatial data – the results of geochemical, geological and geophysical, landscape shots, cartographic materials, space images and data obtained in mines. Data can be provided in a vector, grid and raster forms and converted from one to another. The system includes a core that provides data management, as well as a set of modules, grouped in the following functional subsystems: data management, transforms calculation, lineament analysis, comprehensive data analysis, forecasting, graphics.
In total, the RAPID GIS includes more than 70 functional modules with a single user interface in English and Russian versions. RAPID provides analytical, information and referral, and measuring functions; data pre-processing; construction of related maps, research of dependencies and statistical analysis, detection, clustering and classification of objects and phenomena; mapping of situations, 2D and 3D-visualization of data, layout and printing of output documents. It supports import and export in Surfer, ArcGIS, ArcView, Micromine, AutoCAD and other formats. RAPID GIS differs from other computer systems solving problems of bowel studying by its focusing on wide application of Data Mining methods for the complex processing of miscellaneous-altitude information - borehole, ground surface and space.
The staff is equipped with all necessary equipment and software and has a long-term experience in solving geological problems using RAPID GIS, which is used in the deposits of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany and other countries.
The university is looking for partners such as industrial companies and local authorities for commercial agreement with technical assistance for developed GIS. It can be as its acquisition followed by its technical support, as the joint solution of geological and environmental problems, environmental monitoring problems of the environment and subsurface situation. The team has an opportunity to solve these problems on the basis of the contract on outsourcing. Also welcomed R&D Institutions for the scientific and technical cooperation in order to improve the GIS RAPID or the own developments of a partners are also welcomed

Advantages and Innovations

- Similar systems are not available in Ukraine and almost not represented in the world;
- All modules of the system have a single interface, creating an integrated computing environment;
- It has the minimum system requirements; it can operate on the computer of any generation under the control of any version of Windows OS;
- Work with different types of land, aerospace and well data.
- Unique features for calculating of input data transformation and selecting the most informative of them;
- Developed subsystem of lineament analysis, providing the opportunity to use the results of this analysis in Data Mining procedures;
- Powerful subsystem of solutions prognostic problems by Data Mining methods, including a number of copyright algorithms;
- On the basis of the system’s instrumentation it was created the specialized technology of integrated analysis of different type and different level data, oriented on the solving of forecasting tasks of natural resources management.
These innovations distinguish the system from such well-known software products such as Micromine, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, ArcGIS and other.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The system needs to be harmonized with EU standards, the appropriate certification and licensing

Requested partner

Type of partner sought - industrial companies, local authorities, scientific and research institutes.

Specific area of activity - companies specializing in the field of geology, geophysics, mineral exploration, forecasting, geological exploration, as well as the companies dealing with energy efficiency and environment.

Tasks to be performed - usage this technology, including monitoring of the local heat losses or environmental load.

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