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Improving resource of mining and metallurgical equipment in overcoming the tribological barrier

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TOUA20170118001
Publication Date: 18 January 2017


A Ukrainian University of Dnepr city offers the technology for increasing of mining equipment life time in overcoming the tribological barrier. The advantage - high reliability of equipment, continuity of its work, increase in life time. The university is looking for industrial companies for manufacturing agreement for using of the technology in the field of mechanical engineering and also partners interested in signing a license agreement to the technology.


The University has a long-term experience of training staff, R&D and applied research, solving practical problems for mining industry and efficient usage of energy resources. An integrated approach allows not only to offer engineering solutions, but also to optimize the entire system on the basis of the automatic control systems and software that enable monitoring of any process. The developments and projects of the University are used in many sectors of economy.  
The processes of renovation of the heavy-loaded surfaces of mobile conjugations were developed by forming functional silicide coatings on worn surfaces on the basis of self-organizing processes of amorphization of the main natural component - serpentine. It were defined the features of the processes of formation of renovation layers in the mode of melting and recrystallization of silicon structures.
The technologies for restoration resource-defining parts of mobile conjugations’ surfaces providing high reliability of equipment without stopping for repairs and maintenance works were developed and implemented basing on these studies.
The development includes the “know-how” which represents itself the usage and scientific justification of serpentine phenomena which is used in tribo-fittings of the technical systems for renovation of the operating surface without wear friction.
The university is looking for partners such as industrial companies for manufacturing agreement to use this technology in the field of mechanical engineering. The university is also looking for partners interested in cooperation on the basis of the license agreement to use this technology.

Advantages and Innovations

- increasing reliability of technical systems;
- increasing of equipment life time by 3 - 5 times;
- reduction of maintenance works by 3 or more times without stopping the equipment.
Innovations: It was developed the technology and organized the production of friction geo-modifiers from the natural material - serpentine. The technology allows to strengthen the important parts of equipment, such as jaw gears, rolling and sliding bearings, cams, guides, seals, hinges, locks.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Series production for Ukrainian market.

Requested partner

Type of partner sought - Industrial companies in the field of mechanical engineering.

Specific area of activity - mining and metallurgical complex, mechanical engineering.

Tasks to be performed - restoration of the mining and metallurgical equipment, creation of production facilities for manufacturing of friction geo-modifiers.

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