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A Turkish R&D company looks for partners for its awarded wind turbine under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TOTR20210330001
Publication Date: 12 April 2021


A Turkish R&D company established in 2014 invented an awarded small scale wind turbine. Compared to the conventional ones, this wind turbine possesses many advantages with respect to power, maintenance, noise, operational costs, usage and practicality. The company which already applied for a patent for its product in Turkey offers commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Established in 2014, the Turkish R&D company has been producing small and medium-sized wind turbines. Furthermore, the company is also involved in providing green building consultancy services, conducting wind energy potential measurement and analysis, modeling and prototype design and production and developing solutions with reverse engineering applications and hardware that R&D focused. 

Since its establishment, the company received quite many incentives in order to develop its wind turbine. In 2017, it developed a 500W test prototype of the wind turbine. Just a year later, the wind turbine's 500W test prototype passed successfully the wind tunnel tests and a 6 kW prototype was developed the same year.

As a result of all these, the company developed an awarded small-scale wind turbine. This wind turbine which can operate at low wind speeds and change direction according to the wind is an environment friendly product. It is designed to utilize wind energy with new methods unlike traditional solutions. There are some important differences between the company's product and the conventional wind turbines. For example, various arrangements have been made in the product's flow physics. A flow accelerating geometry was designed by using the principles of acceleration of flow in contraction sections and the acceleration of flow speed from high pressure to low pressure combined with the rotor geometry. Due to these adaptations made, the wind turbine has the capacity to produce three times more power than the conventional products of the same diameter in terms of performance. In addition, the product functions quietly because of the absence of a gearbox in the shape and the structure of the flow accelerator which prevents the vortices formed on the wing tips. The product is prominent with its 20-year-design life and needs no maintenance.

The company wants to implement its technology through turnkey solutions under commercial agreement with technical assistance. The aim of the company is to establish solid partnerships with mobile operator providers, renewable energy sector, municipalities, radio, TV and metrology base, radar stations, farm houses and related sectors.

Advantages and Innovations

- At off-grid base stations, the energy need is met by diesel generators. While the diesel generators are stable and functional at the point of high energy supply, they are expensive, very noisy and extremely damaging machines. Although this product seems to be more costly than the diesel generators in terms of unit cost, just after a one and a half years, it equates the situation in terms of price performance and it surpasses the diesel generators with its high performance;
- Due to its environmentalist approach, the product which enables sustainable production of energy from clean sources by leaving the traditional methods behind can replace the diesel generators by providing high energy with or without being connected to the grid;
- No need for post-installation operational costs;
- It can be used in every conceivable place as it is suitable for urban use;
- No need for maintenance and the product functions quietly;
- More powerful than the conventional ones;
- The company already applied for a patent for its product in Turkey.

The R&D company operates with a high qualified team consisting mostly of engineers.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company wants to establish long-term partnerships through  commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to integrate its product. The target groups are mobile operator providers, renewable energy sector, municipalities, radio, TV and metrology base, radar stations, farm houses and related sectors.

The commercial agreement with technical assistance to be implemented should be collaborative in the sense that all necessary information should be provided to the company.

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