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Smart and Safe City Platform and Applications

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TOTR20181026001
Publication Date: 15 May 2019


An R&D and System Integrator company based in Istanbul, Turkey offers cooperation on a Smart City platform that can manage many IoT devices using latest wireless technologies. The company specializes on various fields of security, and develops products together with partners from Istanbul Technical University ecosystem, including industry and academics.


The company provides a unique solution-oriented approach with 30-years experience in Information Technology. 
ENGINEERING – the company designs the best solution with its vision one step ahead of technology and experienced R&D personnel. Its focused approach paves the way for a permanent and global solution for the company.
The company provides both consultancy services and turnkey projects. Representing information technologies and quality, it has been adding value to the sector with the best solutions.
The company has been using its vast ICT system integration knowhow and experience to play a role in the IoT field by developing applications for smart city use cases and other IOT related use case scenarios. For the last 4 years the company has been actively participating in smart city projects and developing IoT solutions.
Within a Horizon 2020 project the company is providing the ICT Platform for a Municipality in the center of Turkey. It is a cloud-based platform that collects information from various sources and stores them for the access of mainly the authorized personnel. The platform “City on Cloud” or CoC for short is designed as a city management portal that will put together all energy and mobility data, and thousands of variables will be gathered and stored. The Municipality will be able to monitor all energy, mobility and other data on this city management portal. With its cloud-based nature, it will allow users to access the city management portal from anywhere and with any device that is connected to the Internet.
The company has developed a solution for connecting street lights, which is one of the smart city use cases that is becoming widely popular globally. By connecting street lights, the energy usage will be managed in smarter and more efficient way by allowing the lights dim/brighten when necessary, and equip street lights with additional sensors for a variety of other use cases such as air quality monitoring, security, etc.
The solution includes a wireless luminaire controller, a device that can be accessed remotely for controlling the street light brightness, and a platform that allows monitoring the status of the connected lights. The controller supports LPWAN protocols such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT (future).
The connected street lights will provide a platform for other smart city use cases such as smart parking, smart traffic management and transport, and smart sensors for other application.
The company would be interested in working with partners such as municipalities in Europe to utilize the City on Cloud platform as well as the smart lighting solution and can demonstrate the energy savings in their cities.
Moreover, the company would also be interested in working with industry partners who can add additional safe city use cases by developing new functionalities at the edge device located on street lamp post or other existing city infrastructure or landmarks.

Advantages and Innovations

For smart city applications it is important to use latest and the most advanced solutions so that large scale deployments are both technically possible and also financially feasible. 
In its solutions the company uses LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network technologies. LPWA networks such as LoRa and NB-IoT provide many advantages, such as lower H/W costs, lower battery usage hence longer life (up to 10 years), and easy management of thousands of end devices. This way from small to very large scale smart city deployments become feasible.
The smart city solutions need to address all sizes of cities from small (1000s of inhabitants) to medium (10Ks to 100Ks of inhabitants) to large (1M+ inhabitants). Cloud based solutions with scalable device deployment is key to satisfy these requirements. In some use cases it is also important to distribute the computing to the edge and distribute the processing power so that localized actions can be taken quickly without the need of large bandwidth. This can be achieved with the help of advanced applications developed on devices such as FPGA.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

public organizations (e.g. municipalities), industry, academy

Dissemination Countries

Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

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