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A Turkish R&D company looking for partners interested in developing next generation EcoDriving tools.

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TOTR20160905001
Publication Date: 20 September 2017


A Turkish company, specialized in engineering services for automotive, looking to develop a project to reduce commercial vehicle fuel consumptions with a novel methodology the company itself developed. This metehodology aims to reduce driver effects on fuel consumption with adaptive tracking. The company use its automotive background in this method. The company is looking for research cooperation agreements to carry out further tryout and prepare a joint work under the H2020 or Eureka call.


The Turkish company, which was founded in 1997 in Bursa, Turkey, provides technology consulting, new product design and advanced testing services for automotive, defence, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, railways and energy sectors.  

The company offers services mainly in the fields of:

• Mechanical product design and development
• Computational simulation and analysis
• Data collection systems
• Electrical platforms
• Smarting system

The engineering company with a track record in providing mobile data acquisition solutions is willing to build a relation with the aim of developing a low cost EcoDrive kit. Conventional tracking technologies are extremely capital intensive. They require high interest and maintenance. In many cases restricted access, difficulties “transporting some data’s the equipment” and the lack of capabilities has precluded any development on fuel consumption; not least, existing tracker are coming from Global Positioning System (GPS) data tracking tools which these solutions doesn’t tend to affect maximum efficiency. The proposed project was prepared to tackle this challenge by developing a low cost Ecodrive tool that will harness power from high interest and various vehicle applications.
The project aims to devise a solution that requires minimal installation and setup works. Made of modular units, it can be used for personal affiliates or safety driving alternatives. Thanks to this program the company aims that in the future none of the drivers should use the vehicle without having this type of EcoDrive certification. It will have an important impact on reducing carbon emissions of the commercial companies, municipalities or countries. With simplicity of design and ease of use, assembly and installation, the device will have significant impacts in underdeveloped regions and developing countries where communities require consistent, reliable reduce of fuel consumption. The company is interested in prepearing a project under H2020 or Euroka call and applying their expertise and knowledge to develop this innovative product . The possible form of partnership is research cooperation agreement or services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The company is a design organisation which has received the ISO 9001 Quality Certification for the design and prototype production. The Turkish SME can work at all stages of the R&D project : mathematical modelling, smarting system, electrical platforms, digital simulations and analysis, experimental measurements, software development.

R&D engineers in the SME are skilled at both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, proposing methodologies and solutions at both early design stage and after design stage. This R&D company has developed a blackbox to enable for parameters of the vehicle ECUs. They do regular training for the drivers to check deriver’s personal habits. They report regularly for the users and managers which bring their strong and unique sides. Compared to other systems, the reliability and flexibility of the system and resistance to moisture and dust system, fire protection system and modular structure are the advantages.

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Requested partner

The company has carried out initial research activities locally and rely on significant in-house engineering expertise and aims to look forward to partnering with the following organisations that will assist with various stages of the project:
●Fleet vehicle operators who want to follow up the vehicles in their central locations or with mobile applications warn the drivers for any unexpected behaviours.
●Municipalities which have fleet of vehicles and want to track the driver behaviour.
●Other engineering partners - companies or research institutes - for fleet management and visual management.

Each role of a project partner will be further consulted and detailed in the work packages during the project drafting stage.

Dissemination Countries

United Kingdom

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