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Slovak neuromarketing consultancy SME is looking for partners with the aim to expand on foreign markets.

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Reference Number: TOSK20200522001
Publication Date: 22 May 2020


A Slovak research company develops technologies and devices to examine complex consumer behavior in real conditions  using consumer neuroscience. The system combines more inputs and methods based on real (hard) data so that the results are proven to be more objective. The preferred cooperation type is license agreement, joint venture or any partner agreement to help the company broaden its activities abroad.


Technology description:
The device (currently in the shape of shopping cart for retailing and the vest for other premises (see attached picture)) allows a comprehensive assessment of consumer behavior as it records information about respondents' movements, visual attention, emotions (interest, frustration, excitement, polarity) and environmental factors. In this case, emotions are recorded using at least 3 methods to achieve the highest possible data validity. An integral part of measuring real emotions is recording environmental factors that have a major impact on a person's emotions, mostly on an unconscious level. Thus, it is possible to identify the real impact of marketing / ergonomic incentives on human perception. All recorded structured and unstructured data are processed into clear indicators in the form of scores.

Motivation of technology introduction:
The need for a comprehensive understanding of decision-making and perception of the customer / person in real conditions based on hard data and clear interpretations. At the same time, providing the client information about real emotions of their customers / employees, which is only possible by taking into account the environmental factors (lighting, noise, air quality).

Possibilities of using the technology:
- Showrooms
- Sales premises
- Interaction (employees, technology)
- Public premises (financial sector, waiting rooms)
- Ergonomics (mental stress)

Advantages and Innovations

The uniqueness lies in the fact that the technology in question primarily measures environmental factors (lighting, sound, air quality) that have a major impact on human emotions, and without knowing their current impact / values, the measurement of emotions can be significantly distorted. By omitting the measurement of environmental factors, we cannot gain a realistic view of human consumer behavior / perception, because environmental factors have a major impact on people's emotions (e.g. higher CO2 levels = reduced attention / concentration). Without following them closely, one can only assume what caused the emotion. The particular factors are recorded in duplicate (by several sensors) and the data obtained from these sensors are correlated and subsequently processed in order to obtain maximum accuracy. All data about environmental factors are related to the respondent's emotions. Emotions are measured by at least 3 methods, since each method has its limits and advantages. It is necessary to use a combination of neuroimaging and biometric methods, because biometric methods reflect only secondary brain activity. The use of only one method for measuring emotions may not provide relevant data on the real emotions of the respondent, but the combination of at least three mutually independent methods makes it possible to achieve a high validity of the recorded data. The innovative approach is based on adapting the complex unit and the whole device so that these three methods can be used simultaneously together with the measurement of other aspects (movement, environmental factors) and in mobile design in any environment (store, bank, showroom, services).
There is no such complex device available on the market that provides a similar complex of related data, and the information recorded by this technology cannot be obtained by using commercially available devices or by the combination mentioned in patent applications.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for partners in the field of assessment of consumer behaviour and marketing surveys. Possible cooperation through licence agreement, joint venture or using the services of the company.

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