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Slovak university has developed a multi-directional stereo camera system and is looking for licencees.

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Reference Number: TOSK20200518001
Publication Date: 22 May 2020


Arrangement of multiple cameras in multi-directional stereo camera system has been developed by a team of inventors from the Slovak university in Bratislava. Main innovativness is horizontal and spatial arrangement of the cameras on  the carrier construction of the regular polyhedron with 360° camera nests. The preferred cooperation type is license agreement, they are looking for licensing the mentioned technology.


The invention developed by the team of inventors of one of the Slovak universities concerns the construction of the multi-directional stereo camera system on the basis of horizontal and spatial arrangement of the cameras. One of the examples of the use can be a distant watching of the event, for example a football match. By placing the camera system on the significant place in the stadium, for example, VIP lounge, it can be ensured a full-fledge watching of the events on the stadium at full 3D quality not only towards the pitch, but in all directions around it for theoretically unlimited number of viewers. Each viewer can through head movements and by means of one’s VR glasses set the direction of the 3D view, whereby all viewers use a single camera system simultaneously. The institute is seeking an industrial partner for licensing for the further development and commercionalization of this technology.

Advantages and Innovations

Standard mono camera produces image which does not ensure the depth of the image during projection. Stereo camera is already better, since it allows 3D projection in a single viewing direction. 360° camera system for stereo recording is the next step. This type of system is currently known, but is limited to a horizontal stereo view only.
The deficiencies of existing solutions are significantly remedied by arrangement of multiple cameras into the multidirectional stereo camera system, where the individual cameras are immovably placed mutually against each other in such a way that their fields of vision include the space exceeding the field of vision of a single camera, whereby at least some points of space lie simultaneously in the field of vision of two cameras.
The essence of the multidirectional stereo camera system is that it consists of the carrier construction of the regular polyhedron, whereby in each cusp of the polyhedron there is positioned a 360° camera nest. The carrier construction forms the holder’s body. The axis of rotation of the view of the 360° camera nest runs through the centre of the regular polyhedron. The 360° camera can be construed by arrangement of standard cameras into the circle.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type: The institute is seeking an industrial partner for licensing the technology. Field of activity: The invention belongs to the field of information and communication technologies.. Role of partner: - license agreement - the licensing for the further development and commercionalization of this technology is sought

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