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Slovak company is offering innovative expertises in corrosion and surface treatment area via research cooperation agreement or financial agreement

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Reference Number: TOSK20180126001
Publication Date: 29 January 2018


Innovative Slovak company is offering their expertises in corrosion and surface treatment. The newest technology offered is the nanosafety sensor - by the sensor the Slovak company has developed the life-time of any metallic nanobjects in environment of interest could be predicted. Slovak company would prefer the cooperation via research cooperation agreement or via financial agreement.


Slovak company was established in 2011 as consultancy company in the field of testing, monitoring, prevention and prediction of corrosion of metallic materials, coatings and nanoobjects. Nowadays it is spin-off company as part of university science park and in application process to be member of technological cluster for automation technologies and robotics. In Slovak company they trust philosophy that prevention against corrosion will not only save money during project life-time but also prevent customer against stress which could lead to fatal failure. Experts of the company are able to recognize any potential hazardous parameters responsible for degradation using modern corrosion management approaches. The company offers also training and coaching in corrosion to improve complex “material/environment” knowledge for employees of their potential customer.

Regarding the above-mentioned, the core business of this company is the failure analysis and consulting services in the field of corrosion. Corrosion problem never dies due to the fact that innovation in materials or applications provides also new opportunity for material degradation and failure. In the company, they are testing material in specific conditions able to monitor, control and predict the corrosion.

The services offered by this company cover:
- Suitable material selection for different applications in power industry, food technology, developers projects in construction industry, automotive sector and nanotechnology.
- Research & Development, testing, monitoring and control in the field, laboratory measurements in cooperation with universities and Academy of Science. Expertisis, reports in this field.
- Corrosion training and coaching, practice and conferences. Managing student research stages, prize for young corrosion scientists. Consulting services in this field.

They are looking for partners to cooperate via research cooperation agreement (the company is developing innovative solutions and technologies and would like to find entities to work together on the exploratory research and development) or via financial agreement (the company is looking for investors).

Advantages and Innovations

Slovak company participated on development of innovative approaches related to:
- Non-destructive and non-invasive corrosion monitoring of metallic materials and coatings in terrain. Developing of prototypes for corrosion monitoring in different kind of industry (transport, automotive, space, construction, oil & gas, medical etc.). Field testing. Determination of activity of corrosion under different climatic conditions. Corrosion control procedures.
- Quantitative and prediction models, assessment of service-life of metallic materials, metallic coatings and components in different kind of industry. Application of artificial neural networks for corrosion prediction based on historical database.
- Case studies. Industrial failures. Shutdown and start-up conditions affecting corrosion and degradation mechanism. Material characterization using different kind of techniques.
- Nanosafety issues. Testing interaction of nanomaterials with environment under special conditions. Calculation and simulation based on quantum chemistry models (DFT – density functional theory calculations of electric properties of nanomaterials). Risk based approach, risk management.
At Nanotech 2018 Expo they have introduced an unique sensor together with screening technique for assessment of life-time of metallic nanoobjects which fill the gap on the market in techniques for observing unknown redox, corrosion and thermodynamic properties. The main benefit of the product is that it can help to meet safety criteria for engineered nanomaterials in near future. By the sensor they have developed the life-time of any metallic nanobjects in environment of interest could be predicted.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Non-destructive technique for determination of corrosion rate on any metallic structures in terrain is under field testing phase. 
Nanosafety sensor for assessment of redox, thermodynamic and corrosion properties of nanoobjects in prototype version, available for demonstration with world premiere on Nanotech 2018 Expo in Tokio. Nanosafety sensor is limited to any metallic nanoobjects in application environment from atmospheric to human body.

Requested partner

Field of activity of partner: R&D institution, global company players in gas, water distribution underground structures, producers of metallic coatings and surface treatment & finishing, nanotech companies
Role of partner: the cooperation via research cooperation agreement (they are looking for a research partner for solving common research problems) or financial agreement (the company is looking for an investor).

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