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Emotion artificial intelligence for telehealth and behavioural analytics

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TOSG20200625001
Publication Date: 26 June 2020


A Singapore company has developed emotion recognition A.I. solutions using advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms with close to a million psychometric trained data. The technology has been tested with thousands of mood detections and has won multiple international awards. 

The company seeks to partner SMEs from European regions via commercial agreements with technical assistance.


The Singapore based company is a spin-off from a research institute and a U.S University from over 5 years of R&D in medical research. 

The technology has use-cases in:
- Tele-Health where care providers get real time emotional feedback on the state of the people in needs. Discover and interventions with any video platform or devices.
- Tele-Education with insights metrics on teaching content receptiveness and help educators to identify the emotional state of online learners: Confuse, Stress or Bored.
- Tele-HR for online recruitment or training with deepen behavioral analysis data for interpretation based on psychometric evaluation.

The company's software solution is available as:
- standalone software
- software development kits (SDK) on Windows, Linux, IOS and Android OS
- single-board PC
- mobile platforms

The company is looking for a partner to co-develop innovative solution(s) for challenges in an era where society is impacted by COVID19. The company believes that the current burden of stress overlaying societies illustrate the need for non-intrusive technologies that can analysis human emotions. Such technologies could be applied in domains such as Home Base Learning, TeleHealth, Training and Recruitment.

The company proposed the following use-cases for non-intrusive emotion analysis technologies:
- Real-time emotion detection for Mental health, Elderly care Via Remote Telehealth platform and emotional support health companion devices.
- Adaptive learning content, curriculum developed with emotion data and mood-meter for classrooms or exhibitions.
- Objective aptitude training with enlarge behavioral cues on situational training, online training and cognition skill development.
- Online recruitment psychometric evaluation with candidates emotion analysis insights.
- Emotion insight into A/B testing/ packaging / POS satisfaction survey or guest services concierge measurement.
- Unbiased genuine emotion feedback for focus group or market research analytics.
- Gather emotion data at any displays and make improvements or create more interactive contents

The company is seeking a potential partner (company) in the European regions where the Singapore company could offer their technology or expertise to the partner through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and Innovations

The key differentiating factors of the company's emotion recognition A.I. from those in the market are:
- It is the only one in the world using psychology circumplex model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with 2-Dimension data points.
- It allows for real-time processing and analysis for individual and large crowd group emotional state. Most competitors allow for only single analysis.
- Technology accounts for ethnicity differences with high accuracy of 93% vs 70% available in the market.
- Thousands of mood detection with interactive responds vs 7 basis labeling
- Deployment platform includes: APP, SDK, Raspberry Pi, Cloud Service.

The strength of their algorithms lies in distinguishing subtle expressions and providing fine-grained emotional insights at a low computational cost.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Singapore SME is keen to establish commercial agreements with technical assistance with SMEs of any sizes in the European regions where the Singapore company could offer their technology or expertise to the partner through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Potential partner profiles include:
1) Hardware/IoT devices/Edge A.I. devices/Kiosk owners
- Companies with relevant hardware device which requires lightweight emotion recognition A.I. at the edge could seek partnership to co-develop and bring new products/services into the market. For example, non-intrusive emotion recognition cameras in shopping malls/retails to pick up behavioral cues.

2) Consultancy/Service provider/System integrators/Platform owners
- Companies without technical competencies may seek partnership to deliver better solutions to their customers. For example, a HealthTech provider seeking to co-develop a mental health application will be able to build up a computer vision monitoring pipeline through use of the company's technology.

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