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Industrial wireless sensors for Internet-of-Things applications with customizable platform

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TOSG20190307001
Publication Date: 7 March 2019


A Singapore SME specialising in the design and manufacture of semiconductors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems has developed affordable IoT sensors for industrial customers leveraging sensors, wireless communications and power supply technologies, such as solar. 
The SME has also developed a flexible IoT platform for applications in commercial buildings and factories. 
The SME seeks to partner SMEs/MNEs via licensing/commercial agreements with technical assistance. e.g installation.


The Singapore SME has created an affordable IoT sensor platform by leveraging its profound design experience in industrial, radio frequency (RF), and hybrid manufacturing technologies. 

The company has so far developed sensors capable of detecting vibration, temperature, humidity, light, acoustic, pressure, VOC, proximity and carbon dioxide which can be used in creating an automated system for various applications, such as environmental monitoring, scheduled maintenance, and surveillance in homes, buildings and factories.

The sensors leverage wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0, ISM, LoRa, Wi-Fi, LTE-M and NBIoT and can be powered by a variety of power sources such as AC, DC, solar, lithium Ion or lithium Polymer batteries. The company's plug 'n' play IoT sensor platform combined with low-cost cloud storage offers remote communication and efficient control for customers over various factors prevalent in their work environment.

Additionally, the company has developed its own electrophoretic ink (patented technology) for use with IoT products that require a visual display technology with close to "0 power consumption".

The Singapore company seeks partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of any sizes where the partner can:

i) license the technology for further development and offer it to their customers through a licensing agreement or

ii) partner the SME to jointly support customers through a commercial agreement with technical assistance where the Singapore SME could provide technical consultancy in areas of installation, testing, maintenance and training.

Advantages and Innovations

The innovations apply to:

Sensors for vibration, temperature, humidity, light, accoustic, presence, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, pressure are some that have been designed in its multiple product offerings.

Wireless communication technologies the SME has used in designing its products.

Power sources such as NiMH, lithium Ion, lithium polymer, DC, AC, lithium thionyl, lithium manganese, solar are catered for in the design in its IoT products.

All of the above have been used in multiple products to create customized solutions for diverse markets.

Deploying the company's IoT sensors in working environments such as factories will have the following benefits:

• Reduction of downtime
• Improvement in productivity
• Reduction in cost of operation
• Increase in overall profits
• Improvement in safety standards of workers

In the domain of environmental monitoring, the IoT sensors can be leveraged for managing various physical parameters in homes or buildings, such as air quality.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

The technology has achieved the TRL of 9 and the designed product is available in the market.

Requested partner

The Singapore company is looking for partners including all sizes of SMEs and MNEs.

The partner could be an industrial player such as that in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare or construction sectors who can

i) license this technology to incorporate in its products or service offerings under a licensing agreement or

ii) offer this technology to its clients by engaging the Singapore SME as a technical cooperation partner to provide installation, maintenance, testing and training support to the partner under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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