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Self-cleaning additive for paints and coatings

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TOSG20190123001
Publication Date: 13 February 2019


A Singapore academic and research institute has developed a self-cleaning additive for paints and coatings using doped titanium dioxide (TiO2). It has a wide response spectrum that is extended to both UV and visible light range. The additive is intended for protective paints and coatings used for building exteriors and interiors. The institute is seeking test-bedding partners including all sizes of SMEs and MNEs through licensing of this technology.


The Singapore institute has developed a self-cleaning additive for use in paints and coatings intended for outdoor and indoor applications, for instance, in building and construction. The additive is developed using doped TiO2 as the base material, which enforces the self-cleaning efficiency and helps in covering a wide range of solar light spectrum. These characteristics enhance the product attributes and benefits of the resultant paints and coatings. 

The institute seeks licensing partnerships for the developed additive with SMEs of all sizes and MNEs to conduct feasibility and viability tests in outside environments. The institute is also keen on validating the use of the additive for potential anti-fouling properties.

Advantages and Innovations

The additive is responsive not only to UV light but also to the visible light spectrum and can be easily coated on various surfaces by painting or spraying. 

The additive helps in removal of dirty particulate pollutants that are deposited on building surfaces, thereby preserving the aesthetic look of buildings. Another advantage is that the additive can be easily incorporated into water-based paints and coatings.

The developed self-cleaning additive can also help increase the functionality of paints and coatings used in the exteriors and interiors of buildings, glass panels and various other surfaces. Its self-cleaning attributes can help in reducing the time, cost, and manpower required for maintenance.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

The Singapore institute is seeking SMEs of all sizes and MNEs as licensing and test bedding partners. 

The partner can be paint and coatings formulators or manufacturers in the building and construction industry and in other applications where self-cleaning attributes are preferred.

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